Is bribery an accepted norm in contemporary society?

  • Yes we do.

    People vote for politicians who for the most part are paid by lobbyist and corporations. People join lobbyist groups to give money in order to allow lobbyist to buy the politicians' votes. The worst part is people don't see it as bribery but in reality, it is. You will find many examples of this in politics.

  • Let's be honest here, it is.

    We may dislike it. We may turn our noses up at it. But, we should be honest - we know it's out there and we accept that it happens more frequently than not. Instead of calling it bribery, modern society has created charming new terms to soften the impact (much like George Carlin's citation on the weak language that turned Shell Shock into PTSD and made it so dismissible). Contributions. Donations. Is your child on the waiting list for a prestigious school? Well, perhaps that school would appreciate the donation of a new gym or some fancy equipment for their lab? This still counts as bribery and it happens day in and out.

  • Bribery is not an Accepted norm in society

    Bribery stems from the individual and cannot be a norm in society unless it is found to be acceptable. However what we seem to fail to recognize is the efforts around the world to curb such a malpractice. Laws implemented to curb it, protests that are vastly supported against corruption only show that the value systems of our society have still not fallen to the levels which require it to accept bribery as a norm.

    Posted by: Aps
  • Bribery is not an accepted norm in contemporary society.

    I know a lot of people give in to bribery, but it is not accepted. This is like saying, "just close your eyes and accept what is coming to you. We are going to get our way and there is nothing you can do about it." I would hope people would not give in to this way of life. Bribery is not the norm.

  • No bribery is not acceptable in modern society.

    As Americans we pride ourselves on honest business practices. I'm not ignorant to say that it doesn't happen, however I believe that it should not and those that are not involved in that behavior should be honored. I like to business with other honest people. Luckily nowadays with the Internet and social media it is easy to find the best, honest people.

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