Is bribery ever acceptable: Is it ever acceptable to pay a bribe?

  • There are times where it might be acceptable.

    In most cases, I would have to say that bribery is pretty low. I would probably not think it was fair or moral to do in many cases. There might be times where justice escapes someone, however and they have to take matters into their own hands to make something right. I think it's sometimes acceptable to pay a bribe too if you feel that you have no other alternative.

  • Yes, bribing changes incentives.

    Yes, it is acceptable to bribe. In a way, getting paid to work is a bribe. Children receive allowances for doing chores. The argument could be made that those things are bribes. When you offer a bribe, you change someone's incentive to want to do or not do a certain thing. This is an effective way to influence behavior, if used appropriately.

  • NO it is not acceptable!

    They should stop bribery no matter how bad it is you shouldn't bribe people it is illegal and only drug traders or somebody like that will be the only the using bribery. You are dumb if you are using bribery. STOP BRIBERY!! STOP BRIBERY!! STOP BRIBERY!! STOP BRIBERY!! STOP BRIBERY!!

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