• Isn't it nice to get along so well with your best ally?

    Yes - And we should be flattered by our mutual adoration society. I think the United States and Britain both realize that we are each others greatest allies. I don't think Britain is becoming our 51st state so much as it is discovering we have similar events and issues going on and the two of us together form a formidable union.

  • Britain is leaving the EU and rejoining the Atlantic Community, not as the 51st state, but as an equal partner

    Britain's best interests are always in doing what is right for the UK, even when that doesn't jibe with American interests, but 95pc of the time they are the same. Britain, Canada, and America together in a free trade, military, security, and free movement of people's community would be wonderful. All equal, no one dominating the others. Eventually, as the younger generations take over and the older ones retire, there may be a move to strengthen that relationship further, maybe in 100 years or so, the states of Ontario, British Columbia, England, Wales, Scotland, Ulster, and Nova Scotia will be arguing away in the Senate.

  • Obviously so, europe backs out of TTIP slowly; UK puckers up for big wet kiss. Only which part are we puckering up for? ;)

    Open your eyes fools, what other options are there. Alone the UK is very small and very insignificant. Daphne dumaurier foresaw this notion somewhere about 1972 (rule brittania), how prescient was that, and just before the original vote to join the common market. Look at those who fomented Brexit, and tell me they're not the UK's own mad hatters tea party, I dare ya

  • Given to the USA

    The current 'Mad Hatters TeaParty' that seem to be dictating are choices by every unfair means possible is handing us over to the USA.
    Could it be that they are 'lining' their own pockets in preparation of
    Trump being President of the USA and King of England.
    (Where is the little boy to shout--'they have not clothes'

  • The U.K. Would be safer

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  • Safe per fsa

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  • God bless the united states of america and the united kingdom

    We have the same blood running through our body ,we only separated over the greediness of the monarchs it is now time for the mother country to reunite with her beautiful young daughter together again this is my dream we have nothing in common with the european continent and never will have,so lets be together forever

  • In effect we already are

    First off I'm going to exclude Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire from the following comments. These areas still retain a healthy degree of individuality (the Scots may yet take that to a divorce). Obviously Yorkshire is stuck in the same economic system as the rest of England, but seems to be less affected by it. I'm not from any of the aforementioned areas by the way.

    In the rest of England we have the same unremittingly aggressive capitalist economic and social structure, an obsession with property and consumerism, a view of the poor and disadvantaged that is increasingly hostile (Brexit being one of the results of this). We have similarly unequal employment practices, a social security system that is increasingly becoming reliant on charity (and that is largely based on religious organisations). In poorer areas there little or no sense of community, desperation and a healthy black market, whilst in wealthy areas there is a sort of social normalisation that has removed all of the idiosyncratic and eccentric personalities. We're obsessed with large cars (large by our standards), the price of fuel, clothes, how we look and "celebrity". Politically if the US farts the UK government and media are sniffing away to see whether it's good or bad news...We've even got our own right wing nutter (Farrage = Trump).

    The only thing we retain is that more often than not we talk rather than shout at each other (debatable), we eat chips, not fries, and our accents are considerably more varied. I'm sure there are lots of other trivial things that help make England different from parts of the US, but then I expect you see the same differences between states and regions in the US. The point is that they are relatively trivial. With the important stuff we seem to be more similar than different.

    I need to migrate to Scotland, Wales or N.I.

  • They really should

    They definitely should consider it. We love them we define them as a special relationship and we have a lot of history with them. Also if they get rid of California we might want to admit another state to make up for the lost 50th state that may occur soon

  • Already feel American

    I have never felt European. The ridiculous ideas of a non progressive place, with no idea of how to make a human incentivised into doing well, just tying everything up in red tape by bureaucrats. Give me the freedom of a US citizen any day over that of a European please.

  • Britain is NOT EVEN HALF the size in America for one. What is it the Americans have about Britain anyway?

    Britain is NOT EVEN HALF the size in America for one. What is it the Americans have about Britain anyway? Why not France, Germany, or any other European country. Or even one of the countries in the continent of Africa?
    The only comparison would be that they both speak English

  • No, They Aren't

    Oh, this questions kind of made me laugh. Britain is it's own little piece of artwork, it doesn't have anything to do with the United States. It's still laughable to me. Britain is nowhere close to becoming the 51st state. Britain has it's own government, it's own leaders, and it's own people.

  • No, Britain is a leading nation.

    No, but Puerto Rico may. Britain is a major leading nation in the world. They were a leading nation before any of the nations in the Americas were established. The governments are different types, though the cultures and methods of use (and ideals) of government power may be very similar. Britain would never be a state or territory of America, we used to be part of Britain.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Britain is not becoming America's 51st state. First of all, they would never agree to do this because of the Anti American sentiment there and, secondly, the laws and forms of government are much different. There are cultural similarities, but that's about where it stops and always will. They are EU.

  • No, I don't think Britian is becoming America's 51st state.

    I think that while the United States and Great Britain have a strong alliance that Great Britain still maintains it's independence and makes it's own decisions, Britain by far makes their own economic and military decisions and does not receive any aid from the United States, so I wouldn't consider Britain to be becoming America's 51st state.

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