Is Britain justified in scolding John Kerry for his comments towards Israel?

  • He had no business saying those things.

    Jamas wants to kill everyone in Israel. Kerry, on his way out of office, goes and tells Israel that they need to meet Jamas halfway. This is unacceptable. Kerry knows that Trump is a pro-Israel President. Kerry just wants to get in his parting shots. Britain was right to tell Israel that people disagree with Kerry.

  • Britain has good reason to rebuke John Kerry

    The remarks made by current Secretary of State John Kerry only serve to strain the already stressed relationship between the Obama administration and Israel. The settlements being constructed by Israel are a small part of a very complex problem that has prevented a negotiated peace. It is wrong for Kerry to focus on one side and one issue.

  • The question should be: Why would PM of UK oppose or support Kerry's position

    It is very difficult to make any judgments at the moment due to the fact that the new US government has not taken over the office yet. Theresa May be wanting to get closer to the new government in the US which so far is very Israel pro.

    This is the only justification coming to mind at the moment.

  • Britian should keep quiet

    Many of the problems in that part of the world have a lot of roots in British foreign policy, the conflict between Palestine and Israel being on of them. At this point in history, I think the British government should be working hard to find resolutions to the problems and wars it has caused, not scolding others.

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