Is Britain leaving itself open to more threats now that the defense budget has been cut by 8 percent?

  • Eight Percent Budget Cut Too much

    Britain's defense budget has been slashed by 8%, and such a move is a huge mistake by the government. The country is now far more susceptible to threats both domestic and foreign because of this move. Eight percent might not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference in many ways.

  • No I don't think so.

    Britain is not leaving itself open for more threats to their country. They may have reduced budgets for their defense but it was because they did not need it. They are powerful leaders who are smart and know what they are doing.They most likely did not need that money going there.

  • They are still strong.

    No, Britain is not leaving itself open to more threats now that the defense budget has been cut by 8 percent, because Britain still has a very large budget. With a budget that large, an 8 percent cut still means that there is a great deal of spending on defense. Strategy is equally important to a good defense system.

  • How much does spending matter?

    Who is the biggest target in the world right now? The US. The country that spends more on defense than huge parts of the whole world economy. A relatively small decrease in funding for the UK defense industry will not directly impact security...terrorism and regional conflicts are more often defeated with small, well thought out measures.

  • Less spending doesn't mean more threats.

    Just because Britain is choosing to cut defense spending, it does not necessarily mean that there will be more attacks. There are often attacks that even with a massive spending budget that you couldn't stop. It is smarted to cut spending and focus on interior matters that will better help the people of Britain.

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