• Two sides, but we can't say as a country that we're not racist.

    In the UK, I agree that there are many who are accepting and are tolerant of ethnic groups and migrants, but we can not define ourselves as a country which is not racist. Sadly in the UK, there are underlying hints of racism even if they are hard to pick out, and there is racism more obvious in some areas than in others. Arguably sometimes the media fuels this hatred especially towards migrants who they view as people who just want to come over here and steal our benefits. So I agree that we are a multicultural society, but some people in parts of our country just can't help but judge and sneer at some people who are slightly different to them, but who are actually no more British than the next man.

  • Some Strong Feelings

    If we weren't a racist country we would have taken in Syrian refugees before now. We have been made to feel guilty and racist for not taking in refugees by using videos on social media. Now we have allowed refugees to enter the country. I'm not sure everyone is comfortable with this.

  • V9 think yes;

    The majority of V9 think that Britain is racist as some people living in Britain are racist even if it is not the whole population. Some people are against migrants entering the country as they are just coming to use our money. However, there are a minority of people in Britain that are not racist as a whole as if we were racist there would not be ethnic minorities living in our country.

  • M8 says no! Our small island is an island of diversity and we help foreign countries in more ways than simply opening our borders.

    Britain is a small island which is densely populated. This is in comparison to larger European countries with proportionally larger areas of unpopulated land. Whilst Britain would become overcrowded (even more so than it already is), other countries have the capacity to house and home these poor migrants. The fact our country is small does not make us racist.
    We have not said no to all; we have taken in some. This is in line with what the politicians deem sustainable. Surely they know more than we do?
    We give so much every year to charities both in our own country and abroad. Children in Need and Red Nose Day alone raise millions of pounds for foreign aid. Surely this shows we are not racist. If we cannot provide housing, we can and do provide: clothing, medicine, toys, tents, toiletries, etc.
    Even using the term "we" to discuss Britons takes into account a whole host of races as 'we' are multi-cultural.
    We are therefore not racist.

  • Not as a whole

    If Britain was racist they wouldn't let anyone from different countries in at all. You need to be careful who you let in in case they are coming in to claim benefits or have a criminal background. People have experienced racism but as a whole do not think the majority is racist.

  • B4 more say yes!

    B4 say yes - Casual Racism is still seen in places like schools and train stations on a daily basis. People hide behind football and other hobbies to use their clubs as an excuse for racism. People are ignorant and label and confuse different religions. The media always portrays Islam in a negative manor to frighten its readers.
    Arguments against included an increase in police taking discrimination more seriously leads to an increase in the statistics of race related incidents. Birmingham is a great example of how well mixed races / religions can integrate into British society.

  • N6 say no

    There are some areas in the country that are populated by just white people. It is getting better, we feel that the younger generation are more tolerant than some of the older generations. There are loads of different races in Britain - there are just extreme groups that are racist.

  • Britain is not racist

    Our whole country is multi-cultural and their is a lot of Muslims who believe that England is not a racist country but the few who think it is are the ones who shout about it to make it seem like more people think our country is racist !!! In schools most people are friends with people from different cultures and it doesn't bother them in schools but it does bother them in society !!! WHY IS IT ANY DIFFERNET????

  • TGAS-N7 say NO

    We do not believe Britain is racist, there are certain group and people that are but that does not represent us all. We believe it does exist and it does not help with parties like EDL, BNP and Britain First exploiting hatred towards the ethnic minority however the vast majority of people we know do not agree with these fundamental parties. We would like to believe Britain has got better over the years and more accepting of ethnic minorities as they are just as much as British as we are. N7 TGAS

    Posted by: TGAS
  • N10 says 'no' (but only by a small majority!)

    Undoubtedly there are people in this country who are racist, but to say that Britain is racist is an outrageous characterisation. Britain is a very multicultural society, and in general we try to do our bit. If we take in too many refugees, there will be serious issues with housing, school places and overcrowding.

  • Half and half

    B11 think that Britain is not racist overall but racism mostly comes from extremist groups from all cultures and ethnicity. With the refugee crisis we think that Europe should tackle the war in Syria and that we should give them a safe home and when the problems are sorted out they can choose to return to their homes and countries that they left.

  • M4 says no

    Britain is not racist because it's not fair to group everyone together. Most of British people are not racist, yet there are a few individuals that are. While there may be areas where fewer ethnic minorities live, a lot of people in a lot of areas join together and work well in a multicultural society.

  • B8 says we are not being racist

    We don't have the space to accommodate all these people and the jobs. If we come up with a long term plan about where they will live and work for the next few years then maybe we can do something. There are still people living on the street and in need in the UK, we should be helping them first.

  • D8 say No; don't judge the majority by the minority!

    I think we could look racist because these people need to be saved by war.

    However, I don’t think we are racist, but that we shouldn’t take in more because they already have a home, we can’t just give everyone a home. We would then have more and more migrants coming into the country. Britain would become overcrowded and so it is nothing to do with racism. We don’t have the houses, schools to house ourselves let alone them. I think we should look after those who are nationally British.. This is just making things harder to British tax payers. I don’t think we are racist, but we are ignorant and unsympathetic; maybe if we all went to Syria and saw the conditions of these people we would appreciate what they are without. Moreover, they are in a war and therefore they are having a time of which in Britain they could escape from it. It isn’t that we are racist, but these people should be able to contribute to Britain’s workforce and economy. It is not fair to label the whole British nation as racist as only the minority don’t want to allow migrants in.

  • M11 say of course not!

    While there are increasing tensions based on fear in our society, we believe that we are as tolerant as any country. We believe that we have a duty to help others around the world wherever we can, but that can mean helping to create stable and peaceful societies as well as welcoming people fleeing violence and persecution. Our multicultural society is evidence that Britain is generally tolerant, and we mustn't let a minority of racists speak for all of us.

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