• Yes it is

    I think that Britain is the beat country in the world to live in there are so many nice people and of course Britain also has better food better freedom and of course better rights and rules as well than the stupid USA ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Britain is too small.

    Britain also does not include the rest of the UK. So that makes it even smaller. Given the choice of all the English speaking (or even familiar to English speaking) countries, I would pick Australia. The weather and the people are warm and beautiful. The travelers you meet are always happy to be there. So much of Australia is still in nature's hands. It's a great place, and I wish I lived there.

  • It is one of the best.

    I think Britain would be one of the best places to live, but not the best. It would depend on who you ask and opinion, of course. Britain has laws that allow media to be banned due to blasphemy, this is rarely done, but is prohibitive in matters of free speech.

  • No, it isn't the best country to live in.

    Many countries like the united States had to fight to win freedom from British rule. It also extended slavery to several nations. Their need to control others is their downfall. Britain is why the Pilgrims come to America. In my opinion, the united States is the best country.The President does what the people want.

  • No Country Is Perfect

    I do not believe Britain is the best country in the world to live in. No country is perfect and how a person interacts and feels about one over the other is entirely subjective. Of all the countries I'm knowledgeable about I think I would find Belize the most soothing, but that's not to say a lot of people would climb the walls because there's absolutely nothing to do there, but that's their opinion.

  • No, Britain is not.

    If you look on the human development lists and the lists which describe the quality of life, Britain is not very high up on the list for a western nation. And they lag far behind the United States, Canada, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. Currently, Britain is on par with Argentina.

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