Is Britain the only country without machismo/patriarchy?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It's seems only the Anglosphere seems to think machoness is not as important

    People who think that Western Europe has shaken off patriarchy are wrong. It's only Britain that has done that. Denmark, Sweden, Norway France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugual, Belgium, Holland -- manliness in a man is expected in their culture. Everywhere else in Europe is pretty much the same -- patriarchy.

  • The patriarchy does not exist in the west.

    The patriarchy is often an excuse modern feminists use when they cant make a good point against an egalitarian (like myself) or some one who is just against feminism. They have no proof to back up that one exists because they actually have it really good in the west they serve 40% less time in prison in the u.S they usually get the children in divorce court they get special treatment in the form of chivalry they don't die of workplace injury nearly as much as men because they dont do all the hard jobs like mining, oilfield work, construction work ect. With all that in mind aren't modern feminists just whiners.

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