• Brock Lesnar Rules

    I think that Brock Lesnar rules the world of wrestling nowadays, and there is just no one that can follow his pace. If John Cena is seriously thinking about defying the domains of Brock Lesnar, well, I certainly wouldn't like to be in John Cena's shoes right now. He is down!

  • Yes, Brock Lesnar has taken down Cena a number of times.

    Brock Lesnar and John Cena have been a big WWE rivalry since 2003. The two have been matched a number of times, and Lesnar has proven to be the stronger of the duo each time. Lesnar racked up achievements within his first six months of his debut in WWE making him in my opinion, much more talented than John Cena.

  • John cena is far far better than brock lesnar, with his skills experience and dexterity towards wrestling.

    I respect cena a lot, and he is my best fan so far in the history of wwe, but lets put that aside. Cena is more talented in the sense that when a match begins between john cena and his opponent cena watches carefully and finds out on how to defeat the person through various skills. But brock lesnar never does that, he rather beats the opponent to stupor regardless of the size, height, weight, and has no respect for anyone, and he himself confirmed it in an interview. All the same i respect Cena cause he respect everyone a lot. TRIBUTE TO CENA.

  • Much more talented

    Cena is a good entertainer, while Lesnar is a legitimate Wrestler/ fighter/ at the core these guys are the same they work very hard to take care of their families Lesnar /part time wwe /full time farmer/ father, Cena WWE face and full time in-ring schedule. When it comes down to it the difference is Lesnar does'nt have to kiss fans butts to get them to buy his stuff. He is better

  • The BEAST will be always the BEAST no matter who's the opponent

    *brock vs john cena summerslam 2014
    *brock defeated undertaker at wm30
    *brock vs cena vs rollins 2015
    *john cena lossed to dean but at wm32 ambrose cried for help in front of brock lesnar
    *brock is professional mma fighter
    *former ufc heavyweight champion and nwjp champion
    *cena lossed to lesnar 3 times and won 2 times but in night of champions he won not by pin ot tap out it is by DQ.
    *brock lesnar is the best of the beast

  • Best of all time

    Brock lesnar is the best of all he defeated Under Taker(21-1). He is strong than all. I do like brock because he is so powerful. He is a former UFC world heavyweight champion too. Most of people like John cena and roman etc. But they can't beat him . Beast is the Best

  • He is the greatest

    He had defeated undertaker, triple h and john cena ,cm punk too. He can defeat all wrestler in wwe . He has ability to do that . He ca defeat the gaint and he has defeated him. He had defeated mark henry too .He is the greatest of all time .

  • He only show off he not fight

    He lose from brock leasner,undertaker,big show,cm punk I. Think it is not good. In wrestler he has only body not energy why his name is never give . Up he has give up many times Brock is much stronger than John cena many wrestler better than him I hate him

  • Bork Laser Roolz

    Brock Lesnar is the more complete athlete and wrestler, whether you are discussing professional or amateur style. Lesnar simply has a more diverse move set, and a certain manner that makes him a larger than life villain who never gets old. Cena has football and very little amateur wrestling credentials, as well as an Olympic lifting regiment, but he doesn't have the extensive moveset, and his style has simply become too stale to be considered pure talent anymore. If the question was about who is better for business, or who has more fans, or who works harder, then the answer may have been different, however.

  • Lesnar much more talented

    Brock Lesnar was a highly decorated wrestler in college winning all kinds of Championships before even join the WWE. Lesnar also fought in the UFC which is not all wrestling but is 100% real unlike the WWE. Cena has nothing near the college accolades in wrestling and has never won anything that wasn't a scripted match from the WWE from what I can see.

  • John Cena has a following.

    I have to respect John Cena for his Rise Above Hate campaign. He is a more talented wrestler because he has found a way to help kids receive a positive message and brand himself as well. I really like the green "Rise above hate" shirts that he has for sale. He is more talented in that he has learned how to use wrestling to his advantage.

  • John is a better wrestler

    The only reason Brock has a good take down defense is because he was in the ufc other than that john cena is a better wrestler and a bigger man than Brock Lesnar. All brock wants is money he dont want the headline shows or the time with the fans, john cena wants all of that and much much more.

  • Cena is the champ

    Love u Cena u are our hero 100 times better then Brock LOVE u Cena Brock is a fool u are the champ u can beat anyone best of luck Cena NEVER give up be loyal as u are Cena Cena Cena Cena the time is now creation true fans

  • John cena is best

    I think cena is cooler than Brock lencer.......I like the style of john cena and the moves.......John Cena is cooler than Brock,undertaker,kane etc....... John cena win his every fight however it is with anyone in WWE..... He is a fighter and rapper......Joh n Cena is cool cool cool and cool........πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • John cena is best

    The fact brock lesnar is winning because he attend the main matches only he never plays ordinary matches in raw and all so others cant get oppurtunity to study his moves and defeat him and thats the reason brock lesnar is dominating and he is not a real champion because a real champion should fight with everyone everyday

  • John cena is better

    John cena is better than brock lesnar because john cena defeted brock lesnar at extrem rules 2012. Cena has won 24 championships, with 15 reigns as a world champion (12 times as WWE Champion/WWE World Heavyweight Champion[11] and three times as World Heavyweight Champion),[12][13] five reigns as United States Champion and four reigns as world tag team champion (two World Tag Team and two WWE Tag Team). Furthermore, he is a 2012 Money in the Bank ladder match winner, a two-time Royal Rumble winner (2008, 2013), and a three-time Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner (2009, 2010, 2012).

  • John Cena never gives up

    The never say die attitude always helps a fighter because this is all about taking hits and still getting back on foot .Brock is a professional wrestler from his college days but John Cena is a fighter ,despite being smaller he gives his best and is on the top.You cant see me.

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