• Bruce Arena is good choice for men's national team coach

    Bruce Arena was coach of the United States men’s national soccer team from 1998 to 2006. He has recently been brought back after the team suffered back-to-back losses in World Cup qualifying games. He is a smart guy with a good feel for the game and knows what needs to be done to make the team successful again.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Why is Arena the smart choice? Well, for one, he’s a fantastic manager, someone who’s shown an ability to win at every level. His Los Angeles Galaxy teams over the last decade have produced some of the most gorgeous, free-flowing, attacking soccer in MLS. He’s shown an ability to work with established veterans and rising stars, young and old alike.

  • He has experience.

    Bruce Arena has a long history in the world of soccer. That history has been largely successful. He is a smart coach. He will do a good job to get the best performances from his people. He will have a budget to work with. It was a pragmatic decision to bring him on after Klinsmann, but he has the skills to be successful.

  • No, the U.S. needs a new face.

    I understand the logic behind hiring Bruce Arena, but I think the U.S. needed a new face. Arena has already coached the U.S. and had some success. He's a good coach. However, a younger, smarter and more innovative coach would have been a better choice, in my opinion. The U.S. needs to find an edge, since it doesn't have an edge in talent over many European and South American countries. I don't think Arena will give them that edge.

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