• He does what he knows

    Why pretend he should be great at every acting style? Would you be mad as a pharmaceutical sales rep for sticking to pharma sales instead of selling random other stuff? Seems like a terrible argument against him, Maybe just maybe he is sticking to the part of the craft he knows. Get over it

  • Probably the best...

    Bruce Willis is probably the greatest actor in the history of acting... He plays roles in straight to dvd releases to help out no name actors and add straight awesomeness to the film... Fifth Element is probably one of the best movies ever made, and Hudson Hawk as well even though it a movie made before it's time...

  • A great actor

    He is complete, he is good doing comedy, drama and action and all his movies success, he has an sarcastic style with quality and people like that some people always finds a way to defend what they like only .
    He is a good actor, if you don't like it, SUCK IT

  • He is good

    He is believable. He seems like he could be a real person in all of his movies and in my opinion thats what acting is. Hes not particularly engaging or captivating with a wide range of skills, but he is genuine. I think that quality is most important. He definitely becomes the character in that sense.

  • Not one of the best, but he's still good.

    Although he's mainly an action star, he has some good acting chops. He's shown some of his skills in one or two of his action movies, but his great performances come out and shine in other movies. Here are the films he was best in.

    - Unbreakable
    - 12 Monkeys
    - The Sixth Sense
    - Looper
    - Sin City
    - Die Hard
    - Pulp Fiction

    Although he's not the best actor ever, he's still a good actor.

  • Very wooden actor

    Had great promise from his moonlighting days , but now looks so bored in all his work and any interviews maybe he thinks it's cool to act moody & sullen , but it just makes me turn of a movie if he is in it..In all I vote no. Thanks

  • He's good when he works with other major actors (the Matt Damon effect)

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  • He's not good

    He's really boring. He doesn't play interesting like a GOOD actor should (see Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis - they ARE GOOD actors). He can't create an addictive role, in every movie he plays he seems to be playing himself, not the guy he plays. He seems to be stupid "macho" guy. He has nothing interesting to share with people.

  • He's always the samein every role he plays.

    Every character he's ever played can be taken into any movie or role he's has been in. He always plays the veteran rogue cop that knows everything. All his action movies are a bunch of screaming, yelling, shooting, and poorly filmed and choreographed car chases. Even in his interviews he seems like he's still in one of his movies. A true actor Chanel's the spirit of the character he's playing. Bruce Willis is just being himself. Look at Johnny Depp, every character he plays is nothing like the other. Sometimes you forget who your even looking at because he plays them so well. You can watch every Bruce Willis movie in a row and think they're all sequels.

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