• Bryce Harper is Better Than Manny Machado

    I totally understand, that a decade down the road, we may be having a completely different debate concerning these two young talents from Major League Baseball, but the question presented involves the hear and now. Anyone who watches, and understands the game, and assert, although very gifted in his own right, that Manny Machado is better than Bryce Harper, simply does not have a firm grasp of the game of baseball. Harper is more skilled in just about every aspect of the game in which ability is assessed, and is by far the better talent between the two players. 10 years from now, we may have a totally different argument about who had the better career, but today, Bryce Harper is the man.

  • Yes, Bryce Harper is an up and coming player.

    Bryce Harper is going to do things in baseball that we have not recently seen in a player. His contribution to the team is noteworthy and he has an amazing spirit and drive to excel in the game. Great things are ahead for this young man and the sports world will be watching.

  • I believe Bryce Harper is better now and has a bright future ahead.

    Machado and Harper are both undoubtedly great players, but I believe Bryce Harper is a better player and has the capacity to be the greatest ever. What sets Harper apart is his work ethic and pure desire to be the best. He has said that he is "determined to change the game of baseball" and has shown that he is capable of doing just that. Having played less than a year in the majors, Bryce is one of the few players that has lived up to the hype that preceded him and might even surpass expectations for the coming season. Many analysts predicted that he would be a slow starter that would take four or five years to catch his prime, but even in the early 2013 season he is proving that he is offensively and defensively one of the best players in the game. I have great respect for both of these players, but I feel that Bryce Harper has a long and more successful career ahead.

  • Manny is much better that Bryce Harper, and that is really saying something because Bryce is a great player.

    As of April 21, 2016, Manny has a better average, higher OPS and higher WAR rating. Bryce only has two more home runs than Manny. Bryce also has a lot more RBIs but that is only because Bryce bats cleanup whereas Manny bats first or second in every game, giving him less chances to drive in runs. On top of that, Manny plays amazing defense at third base, and Bryce only plays slightly above average in Right Field.

  • 5 tools > 3 tools

    Harper hits for better avg and power right now but is a liability on bases and in field. He does not know how to play the outfield STILL. He needs to stay out of gym, he is built like a football player, you can already see it is costing him athleticism and that body type never lasts long term.

    Machado does it all. Hits for avg and power, platinum glove, best arm in game and he steals bases too. As a rookie Buck moved him to 3rd and he was best 3b in league. This year he asks him to hit leaf off and he is in top 10 in hits, runs and has 15 steals. He is a ball player and super athletic.

  • No, I don't believe that Bryce Harper is better Manny Machado.

    I think both Harper and Machado are the players to watch in baseball right now. I think it is hard to put one above the other so to come out and state that Harper is the superior player would be foolish. Machado has shown just as much promise as Harper and I am sure both will have incredible, record-breaking years in the future.

  • No, Bryce Harper is not a better ball player than Manny Machado, the jury is still out on who is the better player.

    While I do not feel that Bryce Harper is a better ball player than Manny Machado, the jury is still out (and will be for a long time) on who is the better player. Both of these young men are truly talented will have Hall of Fame careers. Only time will tell who the better player is!

  • No, I don't think Bryce Harper is better than Manny Machado.

    I want to start by stating that both of these young ball players are true talents at only 20 years old. They both show tremendous potential and are definitely on their way. I think Manny Machado is better because he not only does he have a incredible physical skill, but his instinct for the game of baseball is just down right amazing.

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