• They are MORE than just great!

    I feel like the reason many people tend to undermine BTS's talent, Or on the worse cases, Mock them is (and what I personally think) is because of the perception of typically most people seeing them simply as just "some pop boy band from South Korea"; they only focus on BTS's visuals, But they forget to see what's behind what they do.

    This is especially seen A LOT in America, Especially after BTS has made a huge international breakthrough: some people just see the group as a boy band coming to make music & capture the hearts of fans, And while that is practically what most bands do, The SHEER WORK & PASSION that BTS puts into the work is beyond anything I've imagined.

    I've seen some people on the internet who simply pass off BTS like they're not that big of a deal, Or that they just "suck" or are/look "dumb", But they clearly would not have had this kind of perception had they done a little bit of research into what BTS does as a group; & in general, How much it takes for a trainee to become a successful idol in South Korean music industry; it is NOT something to be taken lightly. Obviously, It should be known that it didn't take the group the snap of a finger to go from nobodies to international sensations. They suffered a LOT to get to where they are now.

    The meaning behind their songs are also significantly unique compared to most other lyrics or themes of K-Pop songs, As their lyrics appeal to the current generation & things they relate to & should be mindful of. Their most recently album series, "Love Yourself", Reflects on the ideals of "self-love" & triumphing from hardships, Which is a REALLY good reminder even to those in today's generation. BTS also breaks a lot of boundaries/social norms that are heavily stigmatized in South Korean culture. For example, They are openly supportive of the LGBT community (ex: BTS member Park Jimin's solo song, "Serendipity", Is a gender-neutral song-- meaning the lyrics of the song don't upright specify whether it's intended to be sung to a boy or a girl. ) Heck, Even recently, BTS had the opportunity to speak at a UN Conference in September as the Ambassadors of Youth; & the group's leader, Kim Namjoon, Delivered a really strong message that really should be taken into consideration. (Listen to here: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=ZhJ-LAQ6e_Y)

    Not to mention, BTS takes the time to really educate themselves before bringing up any actions. BTS Leader Kim Namjoon was known to have done some questionable actions in the past, But those have long since been forgiven for. Instead of ensuing unnecessary drama over the situation, He actually took the time to learn from what he has done wrong so that he can later on present himself in a better light.

    There's obviously a LOT more I can say, But. . . I'm running out of characters!

  • Is behind the scenes great

    Behind the scenes is where people prepare everything before they stand up on stage to perform. Me, Personally I felt the more unprepared the person, The more unexpecting are the things coming out of them. It challenges people a lot at the same time. Like an impromptu speech, It's amazing what you find when different people say about a particular topic they did not prepare anything to say for.

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