• BTS is amazing!

    All the members of BTS are very talented and good people. Their message of loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you reached me at a time when I really needed it, And I can assuredly say that my life has been changed for the better because of BTS. Bangtan Forever!

  • I'm just saying yes because I quite like their music and their dancing is legendary, But the question "Is BTS great? " is an unanswerable question.

    It's times like this when opinion comes out. BTS's fandom are named ARMY and some people literally worship them whereas others hate them. And they can, Because it's their choice. It's not up to people to decide whether BTS are great or not because it's not logical or right. No matter how good or great some people think you are, There are always going to be haters. So, I conclude, "Is BTS great? " is unanswerable.

  • Bts army forever

    Ok first of all just because the fandom is all toxic does not mean bts is so can we like seperate those two? Lets just start with how bts is one of the most humble celebrities out there. 1st of all they promote a good message. Overall majority of the people love them because they spread a great message: love yourself. They taught me to love myself even when the toughest moment came into my life when i had severe depression, Anxiety. They taught me happiness and i was able to talk to others more, They made me laugh and I was really happy with them. I got in the army by watching some of their crack videos and honestly their personalities really did shine through me. SECOND of all. I LOVE their music. Tbh their music really suited me and i loved the edm vibe from them. I recommend spring day, Love maze, Magic shop, Serendipity, Hold me tight. They have been contributing to unicef to stop violence which im very proud of them. Not everyone has the same music taste though but I do suggest you try them out. I know they get a lot of hate because of racism, And sometimes people don't give them a shot. I mean they have a great personality and their are absolutely overrated. I understand if u politely disagree with them but if you are hating please do something productive with your life cause its honestly really depressing to see someone writing hate comments on a screen all day. Another thing many people do not like their fandom which i understand. Im very new to this fandom but ive continued to grow with bts positively and Ive honestly think the fandom is getting much better tbh. For example when people were bashing suga when he went to a baseball game on twitter, Armies shut down the haters respectfully and giving good explanation and not just be angry with them so ive seen a significantly good change and we are still improving our fandom. But ofc you shouldnt hate on bts just because of our fandom. We are continuing to grow with bts by loving ourselves. An

  • BTS is not great they are AMAZING BISS

    BTS is such a great and amazing kpop group when i first started to get into them it was only about the looks but the more i watched their music videos and heard about them i started to realize how great they are they love their army so much and talk about so many topics that they see as an issue i think their main focus is on teenagers and the things that they go through and they try their best to help out they are just really caring and nice people that i think people need to be aware of or at least know who they are im not saying that they should become a fan but just see what they are doing and try to help our in your own way with love and acceptance and school work also my fave is jhope of many reasons

  • BTS is amazing

    BTS is amazing because they work so hard. Seriously, They practice 13 hours a day just to make fans happy. They are kind-hearted and goofy. They have even made people love themselves more. They’re not overrated. Didn’t you know when they started, They had nothing? They started off from a small company. They made their first music video that only got a couple hundred views. Now they have wonderful fans that love and support them. A lot of their music has over 100 million views. They have great music, And amazing dance skills. They can even sing and rap. Do you see how much talent they have?

  • Give Them a Chance!

    The question is (for anti-armies) why not? Why not like BTS there is nothing really to hate about them. If people say I don't like them because they are Korean that is being mean and disrespecting other people culture, Language or religion. If its because they can't understand them their are multiple translations for their songs. Honestly they are good people inside and out. Just Give Them a Chance Please! <3

  • They are MORE than just great!

    I feel like the reason many people tend to undermine BTS's talent, Or on the worse cases, Mock them is (and what I personally think) is because of the perception of typically most people seeing them simply as just "some pop boy band from South Korea"; they only focus on BTS's visuals, But they forget to see what's behind what they do.

    This is especially seen A LOT in America, Especially after BTS has made a huge international breakthrough: some people just see the group as a boy band coming to make music & capture the hearts of fans, And while that is practically what most bands do, The SHEER WORK & PASSION that BTS puts into the work is beyond anything I've imagined.

    I've seen some people on the internet who simply pass off BTS like they're not that big of a deal, Or that they just "suck" or are/look "dumb", But they clearly would not have had this kind of perception had they done a little bit of research into what BTS does as a group; & in general, How much it takes for a trainee to become a successful idol in South Korean music industry; it is NOT something to be taken lightly. Obviously, It should be known that it didn't take the group the snap of a finger to go from nobodies to international sensations. They suffered a LOT to get to where they are now.

    The meaning behind their songs are also significantly unique compared to most other lyrics or themes of K-Pop songs, As their lyrics appeal to the current generation & things they relate to & should be mindful of. Their most recently album series, "Love Yourself", Reflects on the ideals of "self-love" & triumphing from hardships, Which is a REALLY good reminder even to those in today's generation. BTS also breaks a lot of boundaries/social norms that are heavily stigmatized in South Korean culture. For example, They are openly supportive of the LGBT community (ex: BTS member Park Jimin's solo song, "Serendipity", Is a gender-neutral song-- meaning the lyrics of the song don't upright specify whether it's intended to be sung to a boy or a girl. ) Heck, Even recently, BTS had the opportunity to speak at a UN Conference in September as the Ambassadors of Youth; & the group's leader, Kim Namjoon, Delivered a really strong message that really should be taken into consideration. (Listen to here: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=ZhJ-LAQ6e_Y)

    Not to mention, BTS takes the time to really educate themselves before bringing up any actions. BTS Leader Kim Namjoon was known to have done some questionable actions in the past, But those have long since been forgiven for. Instead of ensuing unnecessary drama over the situation, He actually took the time to learn from what he has done wrong so that he can later on present himself in a better light.

    There's obviously a LOT more I can say, But. . . I'm running out of characters!

  • Yes to BTS, NO to the fandom.

    I want to like BTS, I really do, But I have gotten friends and strangers trying to get me into it more times than I can remember. It's cool if you go "hey there's this thing called BTS and I think you'd like it" but no, They just gotta force it onto me like I'm in the wrong for not having listened to them. I have listened to them and I like their songs, But that lasted for a very short period of time because I'm so tired of the fandom. Having said that I'm aware that the fandom is not all bad and there are plenty of respectful and kind people there, But sometimes you stumble upon people who won't take no for an answer and achieve the exact opposite of what they were trying to get me to do in the first place. Sorry BTS, Maybe some other time.

  • Is behind the scenes great

    Behind the scenes is where people prepare everything before they stand up on stage to perform. Me, Personally I felt the more unprepared the person, The more unexpecting are the things coming out of them. It challenges people a lot at the same time. Like an impromptu speech, It's amazing what you find when different people say about a particular topic they did not prepare anything to say for.

  • Its really anoying

    People are always talking about it and are obssesed i wish they would just stop and not talk about also they are always talking about how Preatty wink wink they are but it is really anoying i hate bts so much pls stop bts it is really annoying me plz

  • I know people that are too into it like buying leggings with the band members faces on it.

    I like their music but the fandom though, Its like people now are buying leggings with their faces on it. Its creepy that they want their faces on there legs. The songs and there singing isn't bad I listen to it myself sometimes when I have nothing else. Hey I'm not saying not to listen to it just don't get too hooked.

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