• It points to truth

    Buddhism is not a Theistic religion. There are no articles of faith in religion. It is a common misconception, that religion must involve a God, it does not have to. Religion is what religion does. It is that which re-unites as one, that which is experiencing separateness due to ignorance, as we are. Buddhism certainly does this. It is also a philosophy. Some people think religion is uncool and so will say Buddhism is not religion. For this to be true, they would have to use a very narrow definition of the word religion.

  • It is about faith

    Anything that seems to be about faith and not scientific fact is a religion to me. I do not know why people do not think Buddhism is a true religion. Maybe it is because they meditate. They teach many doctrines from past that is more or less a Buddhist's bible. Just like a normal religion.

  • Buddhism is a true religion.

    Yes, Buddhism is a true religion, despite the fact that it is not organized like many of the other popular religions. Buddhist beliefs embody a certain way of life, but perhaps more importantly, a way of thinking, a way of viewing things. Buddhists have rituals and spiritual teachings just like any other "true religion."

  • It seems to meet the criteria

    Buddhism is often referred to as a philosophy of living or a system of ethics, and since it is not has emphatic on a God or a living embodiment of God it is not always considered a religion. At the same time, it provides a general set of rules and way of thinking that can guide behavior.

  • Yes, Buddhism is a true religion.

    I definitely believe that Buddhism is a true religion. It has the same inherit values and believes as most relgions. It is all about someones ability to put faith into a set of ways. I do not see any reason why something like Buddhism shouldn't be viewed upon as a relgion.

  • Yes, Buddhism is a true religion

    Yes, Buddhism is definitely a true religion. Although it does not have the same general concepts that the Abrahamaic religions do, it was formed in a different part of the world and has very devoted adherents. Even today, Buddhist monks are willing to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs, and Buddhism has international influence.

  • Buddhism an experience based Religion.

    Buddhism is not a belief based religion like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For these Abrahamic religions belief is important, followers has to believe what their religious founders (and their disciples) had told or what is in their Holy Books and Commandments from God to follow.

    Buddhism only rely on what we can see and what we can experience. Buddhism does not have any Gods Commandments to follow, so there is no blasphemy in Buddhism.

  • God create everything ?

    Most of religions say "god" create all.Its because all believe everything must have a creater. But Buddism say evolution due to karma. If god create everything so there must be someone who create the "god" and that will go on and on , no point right . Think about that.

  • Philosopy nor religion

    Buddism is more on logic, buddha said desire is suffering yes it is when you want things it causes anxiousness and feelings. Tarnar like a carpenter made bodies which is suffering , dukkha. The body is not loyal but a mere enemy which allows dieseases.
    Also it is the mid way like a harp when you pull it too much it brokes, also when you exert less force there won't be sound as if in vipassana.

  • Buddhism is truly a religion

    All religion has its own weakens and strength,the plus point people see with Buddhism is that they accommodate atheism ( atheism is anti religion so Buddhist countries become the victims of communism as in Europe)
    Buddhist monks went to Himalaya for meditation when mugals invaded Kashmir ( Debatable nonviolence without protecting your sisters and mothers)
    Buddhist are beef eater when compared to Jain and brahmins ( they practice strict non violence)
    Buddha denies human manifestation of god as islam and Muslim religion
    Buddha denies soul( which islam or Christianity do not deny)
    Plus point Buddhist accept rebirth ( but the logic is absurd without soul)
    Buddhist are generally non violent in Asia except japan.
    Buddhist do believe in purity but failed to defend ladies from being raped( Thailand is good example)

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