• Buddhism Flawed like All Religion

    Yes, much like all other religions, Buddhism is flawed. Buddhism teaches of ritual and rhetoric that does not expand the realm of human knowledge as, much like all religions, its teachings are handed down through tradition. No new knowledge can be gained. In addition, the knowledge it claims to hand down cannot be verified and must simply be trusted. This is another flaw.

  • Ofcourse Buddhism is flawed.

    I agree with the vast majority of Buddhist scripts, views and lifestyles. I think they are the right way to view life & death.

    However, I am sure it has its flaws. Everything has its flaws. From the human body to all religion. Buddhism is not immune to natural defects in logical thought, perfect moral guidance and the natural flaws of thought and understanding.

  • Buddhism is not flawed.

    Buddhism is not a religion. A man named Buddha was materially rich. He didn't feel whole. He sought out for the truth, outside his kingdom. He discovered that there was a lot of suffering. He meditated and lived only in the present. He achieved enlightenment. He taught others that he wanted every one to search for it themselves, and follow his 4 principles in order to reach nirvana. He was not an idol, nor a lord. He simply shared lessons he learned in his life, and knew it would help others if they applied it to their lives.

  • Buddhism is not flawed.

    Buddhism is not flawed. However, it might have its inconsistencies which is safe to apply to all religions. These inconsistencies should be immediately deemed "flaws", because they might not essentially detract from the inherent message within Buddhism. Also, unless one possesses extensive knowledge of Buddhism, this type of judgement is invalid.

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