• It will be YOUR dream house.

    Instead of leaving behind the things that you have dreamed of in a house, why not just build your dream one. Old houses have older technology and home essentials. If you build a new house, it will have up-to-date technology of your choice and you will be able to decide what goes where.

  • It could cost less in the long run

    Now, I don't have any personal experience with building a new house, but I do know quite a bit about old houses (thanks to growing up in one that was 150 years old). Old houses always have something that needs repairing. They are a never-ending project, and, a lot of the time, it can be very expensive to do the necessary work. Even if there is nothing that needs immediate action, the very nature of old houses is such that things like heating costs tend to be much more expensive. So, building a new house is a larger initial payment, but it is worth it in the long run.

  • Yes, it is.

    As long as you can afford to build the new home I think it is worth it. Building a new home means you get to make big choices that you otherwise would not normally have a say in. It is the best way to come up with a house you can love for years to come.

  • Yes, building a new home is worth the time and effort the process requires.

    With mortgage rates at historical lows now is the time to purchase a home. The next question is buy resale, buy tract or build new? Building new is by far the best choice. By building new you can build it to your specifications, so your needs and desires are meet. Also by building new you get access to the most current technology (not what the developer got a deal on) and the most efficient building materials.

    Building a home in not for the faith of heart, a lot of time, effort and stress is required. But it is the only way to get the maximum value for the amount of money you have to invest in your new home.

  • If you can afford it

    The costs are (mostly) known in advance, if you can foot the bill then yes, of course it's worth it. Who wouldn't want to live in a place they designed exactly how they wanted in a place that they picked out? I hope to build my own one day, we shall see.

  • Seriously If your going to do something make your own educated decision. You should be grown-up.

    It isn't called urban sprawl for no reason.
    Take a look around if you want new then get ready to spend more time & money traveling further out.
    Unless infrastructure is accommodating for new structure you need to bring it all with you utilities, driveway, lawn & garden fencing every decision is on your shoulders.
    Many will fantasize about building with no comprehension of the sheer scale of building. Nor would most believe the consequences of failing due diligence throughout the project.
    Nonetheless if your keen willing & able go get done.

  • It's a waste of money and resources.

    Why build new when there are so many homes in great neighborhoods that already exist? Not only do you get to avoid construction headaches, you can also become part of an existing, thriving community that will welcome you. That's a lot better than moving into a new development with a bunch of total strangers. Oh, and also: Buying an older home will also save you a few thousand dollars, too.

  • No, building a home is not worth it.

    No, I do not believe that building a new home is worth it in today's economy. I believe that the housing market is still recovering, and that building a new home is a risky investment. There are a plethora of other homes that are not brand new available and those homes are less risky to purchase.

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