Is building parks to force sex offenders to move good policy?

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  • No, it's a lazy solution

    It's understandable that sex offenders shouldn't be around children, but building a park is a lazy solution that attempts to move them out of the neighborhood and make them somebody else' problem. It's the epitome of arrogance, trying to move problems solely the "poor side of town." I'd suggest chemical castration for sex offenders is a better solution.

  • No, it isn't

    Building parks for the sole purpose of sex offenders being forced to move away isn't right. Sex offenders have disgusting made mistakes and it is understandable to not want children living near them, but going out of your way to force them to have to move is a step too far. The people should move their family away instead after checking to be sure no sex offenders live near the area they will be moving to in the future.

  • I do not support this idea.

    Sure, sex offenders have done very criminal acts, and children should be protected from them, but building a playground for the sole purpose of making them move is just wrong. Why potentially ruin their lives just because you don't want them there? It doesn't make any sense to do this unless there are children around who will actually want to play on that park.

  • Constitutional rights apply here also.

    Here in Washington state, the Legislature passed a law several years ago that prohibits cities, towns, and counties from imposing restrictions on where a sex offender can live. They are free to live anywhere they want. They reintegrate into society and become productive, law abiding tax paying citizens. The village of Cuba, New York, for example, prohibits sex offenders from living within the city limits. In Washington state, treated sex offenders have a recidivism rate under 5%. Most who re-offend get burglary charges, DUI, drug possession, etc. They do not commit new sex offenses, but with sex offenders, any new unrelated crime counts in that 5%. There is very little reoffending taking place. Yet, the public becomes paralyzed with fear!?!? If your son is 17 and has a 14 year old girlfriend, encourage him to dump her before he turns 18, otherwise HE becomes a dangerous sex offender in the eyes of many. The girls parents want him out of their little princesses life, so they go to the prosecutor and press charges. His life gets ruined. With treated sex offenders, there is little to fear. Of course be diligent, but don't go crazy.

  • No, it's unfair.

    A sex offender living in the community has already served any mandated prison time and is trying to put their life back together. Building a park with the intention of forcing them to move is a horrible thing to do, and it is not the solution in addressing the community's concerns with resident sex offenders.

  • Wake up people!

    DUI registry? No
    Domestic Violence registry? No
    Murder registry? No
    Bad Parenting registry? No
    Crooked Politician registry? No
    Crooked Police registry? No
    By all means ANY crime deserves justice however why is there a need to punish people twice for the same crime?Ok America lets even the planfield, put my ancestors slave masters family on the registry so I can find them. This is PURE slavery to me!

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