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  • Yes, it is, and it's clear to see.

    Did you know, approximately 10,000 bulls die in bullfights every year?
    This is how bulls are used in bullfights.
    Step one: a bull is forced into an arena. A matador then proceeds to taunt it.
    Step two: picadors (men on horses) ride in and drive lances into the bull's neck and back, therefore removing the bull's ability to lift its head properly. There is a huge amount of blood loss.
    Step three: the banderilleros (men on foot) come in and dart around the bull, distracting it, and all the while poking and stabbing it with brightly coloured darts called banderillas.
    Step four: after the bull has lost even more blood from the stabbing, the banderilleros make the bull chase them in a circle, therefore causing the bull to get dizzy. Because of this, it stops chasing them.
    Step five: in the final act, the matador comes out and, using his cape, taunts the exhausted bull even more with his cape. Finally he proceeds to try and kill the bull with his estocada, or sword. If the matador is unable to kill the bull and only mutilates it further, an executioner is called in. He then stabs the poor, dying animal to death.
    Step six: if the crowd is happy with the matador, he receives the bull's ears and its tail or a hoof as a gift.
    It is plain to see that this is an abomination.

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  • Nah it's dope fam.

    It's cool and it dope yo. Bulls are stupid and if they can't kill the dude, then they are too stupid to live. Don't get me wrong I ain't that cruel, I'm just goin with yo mama's opinion. You'd do the same bruh, it's all chill and like yeah. Much love, to mama

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