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    If bullfighting were to be banned completely then it would cause a lot of people to be distraught and agitated. Bullfighting is part of a lot of peoples' lives. It’s like taking football away from England or Rugby from Wales. The Matadors will lose jobs. Unemployment is a big problem in Spain and banning bullfighting will greatly increase the amount of unemployment. Families would be poorer as bullfighting gets people good money and it would affect the amount of tourism and therefore, the growth of Spain’s economy

  • Yes, bullfighting is fine in a world that sells millions of pounds of hamburger.

    It strikes me that people don't really have a problem with cruelty to animals, they just don't want to see it. Anyone that enjoys a nice juicy steak certainly has no right to protest bullfighting. It is a long tradition in Spanish culture, and unless a person is a true-blue, died in the wool vegetarian they have no right to judge the sport.

    Posted by: tagpixels
  • What is wrong with it?

    Nothing is wrong with bullfighting, people who are against it only have flimsy little reasons to unsupport it such as the bull dies. but no one has a problem with having roast chicken or roast turkey meals, + the bull fighting is a spanish culture, no one has a problem with basket ball or football. any way the bulls need it because if not they will become extinct and thousands will die. with bull fighting only a few die.

  • bulls in jeopardy?

    If bullfighting were to be banned completely then it would cause a lot of people to be distraught and agitated. Bullfighting is part of a lot of peoples' lives. It’s like taking football away from England or Rugby from Wales. The Matadors will lose jobs. Unemployment is a big problem in Spain and banning bullfighting will greatly increase the amount of unemployment. Families would be poorer as bullfighting gets people good money and it would affect the amount of tourism and therefore, the growth of Spain’s economy. People in spain started this sport thousands of years ago and they should not have to stop now. No one had any problems with it until recent years and we cannot take away something that spanish people think of as part of their culture.

  • I believe bullfighting is an acceptable sport, because all sports have risks.

    Bullfighting is an acceptable modern day sport. All sports have risks. People are always getting injured in other sports such as football, soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball. Rodeos are just as deadly as bullfighting, and yet we continue to praise and go to them . All sports are dangerous to some degree; that's what makes them interesting.

    Posted by: RaouICyber
  • Of course it is acceptable

    Bullfighting has been a very historical aspect of many countries in Europe and central and south America. For anyone who says that it is not a fair fight, you are wrong. A 150 pound man vs. a 2000 lb bull I think is unfair for the man! After living in Spain and going to bull fights, it is very interesting to see the history and culture behind it. If the bull puts up a good fight, it is released into the wild. also, after the bull is killed, they take the meat from the bull, cook it, and donate it to local homeless shelters. It was one of the first sports, along with gladiators and discus. It should forever be a sport.

  • I agree that bullfighting is an acceptable sport in this modern day, bullfighting is a long standing tradition that employs many precautions for safety.

    Bullfighting may see like a barbaric sport but if a bull truly feels threatened then he will attack. Bull fighter are trained and practice for years to become skilled at their craft. I really feel its an art form and while injuries can happen, the intent of bull fighting is not to kill a bull. We slaughter cows for meat everyday, and I have never seen a bull die in a bull fight.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • It's a matter of human welfare versus animal lives.

    I think that if the sport was proposed in Spain today, with no tradition to it, it would be banned immediately. But I think that because of the heritage of the sport it is justifiable, as it brings money to areas in Spain that might struggle otherwise. It creates jobs for people, and taking the sport away could actually mean the bulls have less pleasant lives.

  • Against Bull Fighting

    I understand when something is killed for its meat..Don't like it, but understand it. To make sport of killing, torturing, is barbaric. The meat is donated to the homelss shelter?? Ok, well I bet after all the stress and adrenalin rushing through the bulls body..The meat is probably not top quality meat otherwise it would be sitting on some rich mans plate.

  • The life of a fighting bull is better

    The life of any slaughter and dairy cow in many countries is far worse than that of an fighting bull. A fighting bull is raised in open pastures, grassing and has the ability to roam freely and mature. An industrial cow is force fed substitutes such as corn, which it can't fully digest and most often crammed into tiny spaces. The average lifespan of an fighting bull is longer than most slaughter cattle and quality of life until death better.

    I'm not for bull fighting, but when the life of fighting bulls, exceeds the life of most cattle I can't say I'm completely against it.

  • There's a difference between animal slaughter and animal cruelty.

    The argument that bullfighting is no different than slaughtering an animal for food can only come from an ignorant, ill-informed person. There is a humane, researched, scientific way to slaughter an animal where the animal experiences little to no suffering. It is quick and arguably painless. In bullfighting the torture begins two days before the fight where the bull is kept in the dark and weakened so that they have no fighting chance. The time from when a bull enters the ring to when they are killed takes around 20 minutes. They are tortured until the moment they are killed. The killing is not for any purpose other than human entertainment. It is completely different from slaughtering an animal for food like humans, and other animals do. Though animal slaughter is not perfect and there are issues to be fixed in that industry as well, it is very different from bullfighting and arguing that bullfighting and slaughtering an animal are the same thing is preposterous.

  • It's purely torture for entertainment

    If you read any article about bullfighting, you will see that the animals are tormented and tortured for at least 15 minutes until they finally die. The bulls only charge the matador because they are in pain! Horses are also killed in these bullfights. No matter what you want to classify it as, art, sport, etc, it is pure cruelty and torture of an animal who has no defense. These bulls are living free range until they enter that ring and are stabbed and tortured continuously until they die. Educate yourself about what really goes on before ignorantly stating its ever okay to torture an animal for entertainment.

  • Cruelty Beyond Belief

    How can people attend an act of such brutality to one of the creatures that we share this world with. It is sick and inhumane. If anyone opposes poaching or any type of animal cruelty, you should stand with me and put a stop to this pointless and barbaric killing. If we humans enjoy this, then we're no better than those who kill people for the sake of it.

  • bullfighting is cruel

    we are supposed to know wats right or grong.Bullfighting is wrong.

  • NO to bullfighting

    Bull fighting is WRONG it is cruel, antiquated barbarism & has no place in a so called civilised European country.. The majority of intelligent compassionate human who have any empathy for other living beings realise this completely.. Sport should be undertaken by life forms that are able to make a choice to participate in it..

  • How is it acceptable?

    Just because people eat meat does not mean that it is ok to say bullfighting is acceptable. When slaughtering animals, they are killed as quickly and painlessly as possible. They are not abused days before the fight takes place. Futhermore, it is irrelevant whether there are risks involved for the matador as it is certain that the bull will die, that is the object of the sport. How this can be acceptable is mindboggling. Surely we are past animal cruelty?

  • Bull fighting should be banned.

    It is not fair to the animal. How would you like to be used and abused for a sport like this? You would never see a sport resulting in death, ever come across a pair of humans that means the outcome would be for one of the humans to die through this, but always with the bulls in this sport.

  • Which world do some people live in?

    Bullfighting is cruel and should be stopped. Having read through some of the comments in favour of bullfighting I find it almost beyond belief that anyone could compare tormenting a sentient animal, sticking spikes into it to make it bleed and weaken it to a game of football or basketball!

    Frankly I find it deeply concerning that I should even need to point out the is a difference, but it seems to be necessary so here it is. ..

    A basketball is a piece of rubber filled with air. You can do anything you like with it and the basketball won't care.
    A bull on the other hand feels pain, fear, confusion and sorrow. Yes, all those emotions.

    Based on this fact that the Bull clearly has his own experience of life and his own choice of things he does or does not find acceptable to him. What kind of arrogance would lead you to think that is whether YOU find it acceptable or not that matters more than whether or not he does, considering it is he who has to accept the consequences of it happening.

    As for it being an ancient historical heritage. So is cancer. It's a lot older than bullfighting, keeps more people in more jobs, and even occurs at different Francis in different communities. Are you suggesting we should want to keep that forever? No because that might affect you, and preventing you from suffering must be taken seriously right?

  • Animals are much more than just objects and we need to respect them.

    It's not acceptable, because we live in a modern society that realizes that animals are much more than just objects and we need to respect them as we do to other human beings. New scientific research has found that animals are very similar to us, so that's why we need to respect them and not use them for our profit, and bullfighting is one of the worst because it's a public spectacle and they make money out of it.

  • It is too violent and cruel for civilized society.

    The bull doesn't ask for a fight. It should therefore be banned just as barbaric gladiator fighting has been. Animals should be treated with respect, for God would not be pleased with treating His creations with such wanton disregard. Barbarism and violence needs to leave modern society. In the words of Ghandi, you can judge society by how it treats its animals

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ksm.nis17 says2015-03-06T03:14:47.033
No, bullfighting is not an acceptable sport in the modern day. Because it's not right, we live in a world where every living thing has its own law. Even if it is a culture, a tradition, we can not kill animals. After all, it was slavery, discrimination, cannibalism, but no one follows these "traditions", because it's wrong. I think that look like bulls die because it is only entertainment is terrible. We need to preserve nature, animals and our planet
AbcdefghigK says2015-03-06T10:50:45.687
I think that holding this game should be banned. Because during the game crippling and die bulls and horses. The same people can also be affected. For example, in 2012 the bull jumped into the audience and this affected 30 people and ten year old boy required surgery.
Bullfighting is a very dangerous, inhumane, cruel game. I read the story of a man who traveled to Spain and was a spectator of the game. He said that people called him like a bull and a friend suggested to go to a bullfight. Converge on bullfighting he was unhappy, because these games are contrary to his beliefs. The fight was too cruel and bloody. Most of all he was surprised that even though his friend against bullfighting but went there many times.
Finally, I want to say that some people are against it, though they still continue to go there. People stop being hypocritical!

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