• It can hurt your feelings

    When people get bullied they usually put up the poker face and pretend like it was nothing or cry in front of the bully which does nothing but make the bully pick on them even more. I think yes because deep down inside you may know that sticks and stones may break your bones and words may never hurt but deep down you feel hurt, sad and etc.

  • Bullying is always a bad thing!

    Bullying abuses mentally and physically.It will ruin the victim's life like for the children it will affect their education and ruin their self esteem.It seems like bullying is nothing to those who bully but can you please put yourself in their shoes?Well it's not too late to stop this activity.What you give you get back,maybe you are not going to be bullied but you may face financial problems when u grow up etc.Excuse my english

  • Bullying is bad for everyone

    Bullying can destroy people’s lives. It almost destroyed mine. I struggled with severe anxiety in middle school because I was being bullied. I feel sympathy for everyone who is being bullied. For all you bullies out there, Please stop what you are doing because you are messing up people’s lives.

  • Bullying can destroy people

    I was bullied. Before then, I was extroverted, had a lot of self confidence and made friends easily. Afterwards, I would call myself introverted, had no self confidence and had massive friendship trust issues (my friends were the ones who bullied me). That was 5 years ago and these are still problems I face today, despite the massive effort used in a attempt overcome these beliefs. Bullying can destroy someone, and it doesn't have to be physical, because if a large number of people say the same thing every day for a year, you believe it, despite how much you want to ignore it.

  • Yes, it's disgusting too

    Just because someone is different doesn't mean you pick on them. It's disgusting and you should stop. By doing this, you are making yourself look weak because face it: bullying doesn't make you look hard. So stop it and be kind to people.
    When someone is asking you to stop saying things about them, and you don't, it's a big deal. Stop means stop!!

  • Bullying and criticism is not the same thing.

    You know those people saying that it's not all bad? They're not talking about real bullying. They seem to point towards criticism. Criticism helps you improve and makes you want to do better. Bullying destroys you from the inside and the outside. They hate you, and you start to hate yourself. No one is on your side. They don't want to be next. Bullying is horrible. Day in, day out, rain or shine. They're waiting for you. First you are angry. Why are they picking on you? You did nothing wrong. Eventually, your anger fades as you start to think that they might just be right. Maybe you are as fat or ugly or terrible as they say you are. Then you're just tired. Stop. I get it. I don't deserve the life that was bestowed upon me. At some point, you just can't take it anymore. You snap. You take action. Against others... Or yourself.

  • It will always be a bad thing. Always.

    Nothing will ever change about bullying being a cruel thing. I say cruel because you have no idea how much this impacts a teenager or a child's self esteem. Teens these days are cruel, to the outfit you wore up until the about of makeup you might be wearing. Its unacceptable and its a terrible thing. When people are bullied, it makes them feel like no other human being will accept them for who they are. It forces them to hide behind a shadow with all the other kids who need to "get skinner" "get more curves" "loose the weird hair" and many other things. Behind this shadow idea of being perfect. I will always stand by the fact that bullying is cruel,disgusting, and has the biggest impact on children in today's society. We look at all the teenagers that have taken their own lives because of this, and still, a 48% of individuals say its not always a bad thing. Bullying is cruel and is never okay.

  • Bullying is and always will be a bad thing.

    Bullying is the lowest of the low and bullying is so bad that people have taken their own live's because of it and if bullying is that bad then it can only be classed as bad. There are many types of bullying, physical, mental and cyber but they all lead the same result, unhappiness. I was bullied because of how i looked, how i acted, and how i looked at the world and the only thing that stopped them was by punching them. Now i know that last bit wasn't what the question asked but i will stick by what i say when i say that bullying is the weakest and lowest form of wit and i say to anyone who bullies anyone should be tough a lesson they won't soon forget

  • No, Not Always

    Bullying someone simply because you can is generally not healthy or helpful for anybody, and if it is an extreme situation, then there is absolutely a potential for psychological or physical damage. However, in all honesty, I believe that less severe instances of bullying, such as teasing, or some types of hazing, can be beneficial to development. In many cases, hazing strengthens group bonds, and speaking from personal experience, bullying helped me to "toughen up." So while bullying isn't something that we should encourage, it isn't something that we necessarily should shy away from.

  • I was a bully

    I know I am going to get hated on for this but I bullied my little brother for his weight at the beginning of my freshman year 1 year and six months ago he was a 180 pound 5' 4" 6th grader he currently now is 129 pounds 5' 61/2" half-way through his 7th grade year. I personally believe that if you tell people who are chunky or not very intelligent it may make them sad, but that sadness should cause one of two things to happen they should either choose to change how they currently are or they should being to accept themselves as who they are and who they have created. If they choose to commit suicide they have something else going on in there life.

  • Stop sugar-coating reality.

    The honest truth is bullying has always been a thing and always will be. There is no way to truly get rid of it, Everyone at some point in their life, No matter if your 8 or 40 years old, Has or will tease someone else. Its time we start teaching kids to be tough and to not take being picked on or "bullied" and to not be the victim. We need to teach our youth that bullying oor picking on other people is not right but we also need to teach them that at some point they are going to have to stand up for themselves and not just take it or have someone else do it for them. The real world is a nasty place and if we raise our kids teaching them that when someone picks on them to ignore it and that everything will be okay then we are failing as parents. Teach them to defend themselves because we all know that the "bullying" will never end. Reality will hit them hard if we don't. I believe that we should all raise our kids to know that "bullying" others is wrong but also make sure they know not to be the victim.

  • Changing yourself for others isn't bad

    How else are you supposed to get a push to better yourself? If I hadn't been bullied I would still would be an anime freak who doesn't know anything about social norms. If you tell kids who are weird or cringey that it's okay and that they don't need to change anything then they won't change and then people will grow up to be weird! Bullying made me realize that there are things I needed to change. Social isolation is the best way to get people to realize that they need to change.

  • No, Bullying did fantastic things to me.

    Well In the 8th grade I got bullied for being fat and now I work every day at the gym and I lose about 0 calories because im lazy but Im fat and im proud but i think i am going to do something drastic because I am being bullied and I feel under appreciated my only friend is my stomache because it makes me feel good by filling itself up with yummy foods

  • It's bad, but not always bad.

    Its not always bad. I was bullied for years about my name and my inability to read/write when I first came to the U.S. six years ago, but that only made me work harder at school and practice reading and writing. I now can read one book per one day and my GPA is 4.7. Bullying can lead to great success, even if it is painful while someone is going through it. It's makes someone tougher and ready for the real world, where you will be criticized every step of the way.

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