• I say yes but what I really mean is that girls are worse bullies...

    I was bullied by both girls and boys but the girls were much worse. Being female myself, I was naturally more hated by girls than by boys but I think the opposite would have been true if I'd been a boy and that's not why I think girls are worse.

    "Niceness" is a trait associated with femininity. As a result female bullies will go to great lengths to preserve their good girl image and will thus employ more subtle forms of bullying. Because this is the method they employ, they can quickly become Masters of manipulation and deceit, appearing to be lovely while doing as much damage to their victim as possible, sometimes without anyone else ever finding out. They certainly don't let the boys find out. After all, their friends wouldn't get away with calling them out on it and if the victim tried it...

    Some girls can be so uncomfortable with the mere existence of a certain other girl that they fear could be in the running to take away their precious crown as queen of everything that they will go to great lengths to prevent that happening while always maintaining a safe distance so as not to implicate themselves if and when the victim kills herself.

    Add beauty, brains and sporting prowess to this type of bully and the victim really has no chance as any attempt to tell anyone will be immediately disbelieved. After all how could a beautiful, sweet, shy, intelligent, popular, prize-winning future doctor be so insecure?

  • Girls bully other girls discretely, but a lot worse than boys. Boys just hit each other and its done.

    Girls bully in a more discrete way and boys use physicality to bully others. Both forms of bullying can be severe, but when bullying is not visible to others it becomes hard to identify and that is a fuel to the fire because if nobody knows that a person is being bullied then no one can do anything about it unless the person speaks up which is highly unlikely.

  • Girls more easily take things to heart.

    One of the reason why I think bullying is worse for girls than for boys is because girls are more likely to be judged than boys and girls take it to the heart. Girls remember EVERYTHING! Boys are not this way. Boys don't care. Girls have to wear makeup, drown themselves with lotion and body stuff just to smell good .

  • Most certainly, yes

    As a kid, boys would resolve issues mainly with their fists, such as the time I was challenged to a fight for getting another kid in trouble... Girls, however, tend to be more subtle and bully on an emotional level, sometimes turning the victim's peers against her. This is more damaging and has more lasting effects than getting punched in the face.

  • Girls Are Evil

    During adolescence boys generally tend to deal with outward aggression and physical fighting. At the same ages, girls tend to play mind games with each other and they tend to use more psychologically damaging techniques. I believe girls are more aware of how to bully each other and to do it without getting caught.

  • Girls can't hide from bullying

    Insults follow them wherever they go and victims can try to change that but it might not happen because unlike boys girls do not let up on the insults even when the day is over. Girls are kind of more forceful . In other words, you can't win against bullying.

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  • This is not a game bullying need to stop

    This stuff of bullying Is not a game you have to stop or you going to get bullying so you better stop please this students do not like to get bullying you are making them not to go to school and they are scare to you and please stop bullying

  • Idk and idc

    It matters on the person not the victim and it depends on the person if they are doing for a purpose or nah. So in my defense it is the same but the girls are blamed sexually so yes the girls have it worse if bullied by boys than girls.

  • Girls care about their appearance too much

    Girls care about how they look too much and therefore it is easier to bully them because they care too much. Girls also are more fragile so it is easier to make them cry and when you see someone cry it is motivation for you to keep going. In my opinion girls are sensitive and it is easier to make them hurt physically and verbally.

  • Some people are stupid

    Think about it-just because someone is male doesn't mean they're bullied by females and vice versa. Also just because someone is being bullied by guys it doesn't mean they can't be emotionally bullied and just because it's a girl doing the bullying it doesn't mean they won't beat the bullied person up. Just saying.

  • I disagree, many people get bullied either from the way they look to to the way they act.

    I have been researching bullying for my Exhibition and I think that even though most girls are terrible and vicious, and they aim for little weak girls, Boys get bullied too and they get beat up bad. I have watched a documentary called The Bully Project. It was made in 2012 and I found that in that movie it was the boys that got bullied. Even if girls are sensitive, doesn't mean they are weak. And I am talking from a girl herself.

  • Bullying Is Equally Bad

    Boys and girls do experience bullying different, but it is equally vicious to both genders. Girls may be more sensitive, but boys are expected to be tough and end up bottling up their feelings. Boys are less likely to report being bullied for fear of being viewed as a wimp.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Where did this idea come from?

    I have no idea where everyone got the idea that bullying is worse for girls than it is for boys. Boys suffer just as much as girls from bullies, the difference is most girls will speak out about it whereas boys will normally just suffer in silence. Of course I am generalising here, which I hate as not every person is the same. Something which affects one girl won't affect a different girl, but it might affect a boy. You can not say for sure.

  • Bullying happens to everyone

    Bullying happens to both genders, however, boys and girls bully one another in different ways. Boys often use physical violence, while girls usually use mental violence. Both genders are suffering from bullying and each should learn how to respect on another. There needs to be more done about bullying in my opinion.

  • Male physical abuse and terrorizing is far worse than female relational aggression

    It's ridiculous seeing all these comments saying relational aggression in females is somehow worse than the physical abuse, Fear and humiliation that bullied boys endure.

    If a girl is being terrorized and physically abused we know how serious it is. But if a boy is - it's no big deal.

  • Not Even Close

    The part where people say bad things about you-that was the easy part of being bullied. Being called scum, and far, far worse, was merely salt upon very open wounds. Being beaten up by four of five boys on a weekly basis compares with what for girls? When the boys were older, there was no reason or warning, when I'd be punched in the gut moving between classes, what equivalence is there? Reporting physical violence, rocks, baseball bats, and told that was just how things were. Having a baseball thrown in my face from feet away without repercussions for the attackers, being run off the road while riding my bike, for a laugh. The fights were never fair, never "honorable", whatever that means. This one is not even close. Not even close.

  • It depends on the individual

    To be honest, I don't think there's a clear answer. I'm female, and during part of my 'education' (more of a destruction than an education) I was severely bullied. By both boys & girls, and I honestly can't say one was worse than the other. I think you get nice & not-so-nice people of both genders, and all ages. So it stands to reason that you also get sensitive, and not-so-sensitive people of both genders too.
    I think there are many damaged people out there (I'm one of them) whose lives were severely harmed by bullying; and I strongly suspect the ratio is about 50/50 male/female.
    Though of course I could be wrong...

  • Boys suffer too

    Boys R also bullied they they think it hurts to boys will be bullied by much bigger opponents they get bullied for such small things most of the time we keep it bottled up which can make us sadder and sadder every day this is coming from an 11 year old 6th grader that got bullied for height and I'm 4'3 so I know how it feels to be bullied.

  • It depends on the child

    Well everyone is different some are sensitive others are not. Bullying hurts everyones feelings not just girls. So either way being bullied as a girl or being bullied as a boy it hurts either way. So girls and boys feel the same way about bullying. So i say no it does not only hurt girls more.

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