Is burning toxic waste the best method of disposal?

  • Yes, for certain toxic materials

    There are many kinds of toxic waste, and therefore many
    means of disposal. Radioactive waste, for example, should never be burned.
    Its dangerous radioactivity must be confined, not dispersed into the atmosphere.
    Certain toxic materials, though, can be burned far from land. The high heat burning
    breaks down 99.9 percent of toxic PCBs, for example, and any residue ends up
    far from people.

  • If burned in an appropriate device this is true for many materials

    Burning is the the best available treatment technology for many toxic wastes, particularly for organic and organic-contaminated wastes. By burning I am referring to destruction in a permitted hazardous waste incinerator or burning industrial furnace, not open burning. Many of these materials actually have value as an industrial fuel and can be beneficially reused in a combustion process.

    Combustion is a very effective destruction technology for this type of waste. Other types of wastes are better suited to other treatment technologies such as recycling/reuse, neutralization, chemical treatment, stabilization, etc. The chemical properties and constituents must be considered when determining the best treatment strategy but destruction by combustion is an effective means of managing many waste types.

  • No, I do not think so.

    There have been technologies developed over the last decade that turn all sorts of waste--whether it be toxic of biodegradable--into renewable and clean energy. I think this is the best approach to take with any sort of waste. Burning it just sends more pollutants into an already suffering earth atmosphere.

  • I Doubt It

    I have my doubts burning toxic waste is the best method of its disposal. This tactic sounds as though it would have a lot of implications involving the environment and pollutants. I personally think we would be better off to find a way to eject waste into space, especially if its toxic.

  • No, it is not.

    Burning toxic waste is not a good means of disposal. There should be more technologically advanced ways of dealing with the disposal of these waste products. They should burry it or incenerate the material instead. The smoke goes into the air and creates pollution and global warming which is very bad on the environment.

  • Burning Toxic Waste is not the best method of disposal

    I believe that burning toxic waste is not the best method of disposal because it is very bad for the environment and is contributing to environmental health hazards. It is my opinion that proper disposal techniques should be considered by any company that produces waste before they begin to produce it.

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