• Arguably yes - gun control legislation isn't working.

    It's time for a change in the US via education, research and advocacy. By taking away guns carried for 'defense purposes', people will have to rely more on their brains to resolve conflicts, rather than their bullets.

    Children & families need to have the assurance that they can feel completely safe in their schools,when they sit down in a movie theater, buy their groceries and so on.

    Use your brains (intelligence/diplomatic skills) to resolve conflicts, not your bullets.

  • I think it is too easy because my dad has many guns.

    Yes, I think that buying an assault weapon is too easy. My dad has a lot of guns, and I feel as if it was too easy for him to get them. He did not have to undergo any psychiatric evaluation or background check. He would surely pass them, but the same can not be said for everyone.

  • Not in my state

    I live in Nazi occupied NY ... The only thing I haven't had to give up yet to get a fire arm is DNA. I jump through hoops and criminals do what ever the hell they want ... The safe act will not stop anything. A bunch of feel good BS legislation that has only landed a few legal gun owners in court the last year.

  • Bias in the media.

    Your photo alone shows the bias in the media against "assault weapons." The gentleman in the picture is holding a short-barrel rifle (SBR) for which a special tax and background check are required. The gun qualifies as a Class III device. Your dramatization in the use of this photo and the term "assault" are the problem, not those of us who legally own such weapons.

  • It is not too easy to buy an assault weapon.

    You have to go through background checks before you can purchase an assault weapon. The question shouldnt be, Is it too easy to buy an assault weapon. The question should be, is it too easy to obtain an assault weapon. You can give anyone money to buy a gun, and with the right price, you can send the most sane man out to buy the weapon.

  • Are they given away for free?

    Until people are being paid to take assault rifles, I can’t see how buying an assault weapon could be too easy. The real question should be: Is it too easy for people to use the violence of government to infringe on other peoples rights? The answer to that would be a resounding yes.

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