Is buying Apple products an exercise in narcissism?

  • Yes in most cases. No when one genuinely likes their software/ features/ quality.

    It's obvious that in most cases Apple products are bought because of status. Kids who work at Starbucks also get them and end up spending up to 40% of their pay check getting a phone they will probably only use to post self absorbed selfies and tweets. In other circles it becomes a matter of belonging or not. When I still was part of the business world I was very happy with my upper mid range Samsung but my business partner insisted that I should get a Blackberry. I eventually got it and tbh, I got the best one available, but it lasted me 3 years and I learned everything it could do. Most people I met though were just about status.

    This whole status thing is not new. It happened with Blackberry as I said, it happened with Palm, before technology it was watches. Nothing new under the sun. Only this time the most narcissistic company ever to exist, after all its founder was a textbook narcissist, met its match with all these eager people who want to mask the hole they have inside with the latest iPad.

  • Apple users are pompous

    I'm also a college student and everytime I go into my classroom, every single student has the same silver Apple laptop with the logo shining brightly. Its like they rub it in your face that they have more money than you and that because they use Apple products, they are somehow superior both financially and intellectually. I personally hate Apple and I don't like how expensive their products are nor do I like the fact that they are only compatible with other Apple products.

  • Everyone I know that buys Apple products has to show them off in every way

    I can't walk in to my college classrooms without seeing Apple computers everywhere. And to top it off, Apple laptop covers have a cutout circle so you know exactly what brand the user has. It screams I'm a self important f@!#. These are the same people that buy prius hybrid cars, are obsessed with going green, and are just smug in general. They make me sick! They also brag about how intellectual they are. I call them sheep of the government or low information voters.

  • Closed minded fools

    Why are macbooks more popular than say imac? It's not just because people need a laptop. It's because they can take their MacBook to Starbucks and show off how self absorbed they are. Mac products are overpriced, stuck in 1984 concepts that have never advanced (like one button mice and a delete key that really is only a backspace key). There are some elegant aspects of mac like quick sleep/wake and vertical integration, but the only way someone would pay the excessive prices of these computers is if they were convinced doing so would make them hip.

  • No.I didn't like to buying Apple products an exercise in narcissism

    I don't buy Apple because they are overpriced. My current computer had the exact same parts as an Apple. My computer was $700 the Apple was $1500. It's just paying for a brand, like when people used to buy Guess jeans at $100 a pop. I'm not into paying extra for a shiny case and a logo.

  • No - Apple Products are Exceptional

    No, buying Apple products is not an exercise in narcissism. Apple products are high quality, and they are functional. Simply wanting to buy the best product available on the market does not make a person a narcissist. Consumers want the latest and greatest products in other fields and are not considered narcissists.

  • They simply make superior products.

    I agree there's an element of narcissism in the Cult of Apple, but my own purchase of the iphone (and only the iphone so far) was based on the conclusion that the iphone was far superior than anything that was out in the market during that time. It had web service,GPS, apps for just about anything you can think of, on top of being a camera phone with texts. The GPS by itself in my mind paid for the data connection. I did wait until it came down in price...I don't consider myself to be a tech junkie, let alone an Apple junkie.

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