• Cake is Amazing

    Cake is not bad. The person who is eating decides how much he or she eats. So it is not the cakes fault. Cake has milk which makes your bones strong. It also has sugar which you need for some energy. In overal cake is good for you. So it depends who the person is and not the cake.

  • Cake gives you energy

    My mom makes very good cake which is 1) vegan 2) nut free 3) gluten free and i think me and my family agree that it is very good. Google vegan resepie that do not include nuts, Gluten or any other allergic reactions that could make you ill or sick.

  • Cake is unhealthy and eating too much will make you sick

    Cake has unhealthy ingredients and everyone should just eat cake once a year on their birthdays. Even thought some cakes have healthy cakes still makes people fat. Cakes can give you diabetes and make you really sick even if you only eat like a slice. They can also have chemicals like food coloring.

  • Cake is bad for you.

    Cake is high in calories, Fat and sugar, Though it does contain some iron. A regular piece of cake has about 400 to 500 calories, 10 to 30 grams of fat, And 50 to 70 grams of sugar. Daily sugar limits are about 36 grams for men and 24 grams for women. Cake may be tasty, But it is at the expense of your well-being.

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U2know says2020-05-20T21:32:55.900
There many cakes out there that are healthy for people. If you go look it up you'll find some that are vegan also maybe gluten free for people out there. But if your worried about gaining weight there some cakes that help you satisfy your craving so you don't go overboard.

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