Is calisthenics superior to gym machines and free weight training?

Asked by: vkv
  • It is better because bodyweight training is natural.

    Bodyweight calisthenics is something which has been with us since ancient times, even before barbells, free weights and machines were invented. Calisthenics is basically the art of using one's own body for physical development, be it strength, power or endurance. Modern day fitness industry, and fitness magazines have brain washed people to believe that they need all flashy equipments, be it for chiseled pecs, for six pack abs or for big biceps. 'To get buff, we need to go to the gym' they say. They even advertise whey proteins and special protein shakes for nutrition. All this is done for one sole reason: money.

    Requires very little equipment
    Develops useful, functional, atheletic abilities
    Maximises strength
    Protects joints and protects them for life

    Posted by: vkv
  • That's too vague a statement

    Any avid fitness person or simply any body that knows the basics of body-building and general self improvement, will know that it subjective to a large extent. Yes there are techniques and training methods better suited for what kind of results you're trying to yield you can't simply discredit the other simply because; its not to your liking, isn't as productive in creating the desired result, isn't as fun etc... Its because its entirely base on your experience and your understanding/ interpretation of your experience that only you can decide what is better.

    Keep an open mind and try both, personally I prefer the gym, though i haven't tried much callisthenics. I would imagine that callisthenics would engage more of your muscular-neuron-system but then again this can also be done in the gym. The gym can also develop functional-athletic skills, strength, speed, coordination and not to mention confidence.

    Maybe I'm just biased but there's nothing I love more than spending time in the gym, or exercising anywhere to honest

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vkv says2013-11-20T03:14:20.480
Oh don't worry. I have tried weights too, both barbells and dumbells. I've also tried machines. It's not like I don't have an open mind. I love to lift weights. But i feel it should be done only after mastering your own bodyweight.
Take an example of one arm handstand pushups. Lets say you weigh 80kg. So basically, you'd be pressing 80kg on one hand. Thats equivalent to an overhead press of 160kg, which I don't see many people who lift weights even imagine to lift. They may do so maybe around 20 or 30 kg.
And yes bodyweight encourages muscular neuron system and yes it can be done in the gym if done properly. But my stance is that it's easier to do calisthenics anywhere unlike where i find myself having to search for a gym.
I value your opinion and expect more arguments.