• Yes it is.,and if you disagree challenge me to a debate.

    In many ways, Call of Duty requires more skill to play than Halo. The CoD games are much more realistic, too. Players use real weapons that kill other players within a few shots. Halo features unrealistic features such as shields. Also Cod has a larger fan base. The COD community is better because of better graphics,more intense modes/campaigns,and awsome online play.

  • Cod is Better

    Cod is a solid game, and I have been with the series since Black Ops One. Its true, the series has died down a bit in the last few years, but with the arrival of Advanced Warfare, things have gotten better.

    You Halo fans always talk about how you have mobility and cod doesn't. Well, then, with the arrival of exo suits, you don't have any reason to say that again.

    Also, many people talk about how Master Chief can beat anything in Cod. Well, how about those new modified humans from black ops three? If a half human half robot cyborg that can wall run, boost into the air, summon huge mother ships, control swarms of drones, ignite an object into flames with ever touching it, and deploy a rail-gun from his hand cant beat a tall human that hides behind his armor, then what can?

    Another thing, The reason cod doesn't have vehicles just laying around on the map, is because in halo, whatever team controls the vehicles, they win. In cod, you earn your vehicles. That way, your games wont be decided on which team has the vehicles, and which team is on foot.

    Another thing, is, if you look on you-tube, which of the gaming legends like Ali-A, and Captain Sparklez play, Halo? No, I don't think so. They play COD. Plus, there are thousands of other you tubers who play Cod, not Halo. So, with all of these great players, how do Halo fans complain about Cod being to easy?

    Really,besides firefight, capture the flag, free for all, and team death match, what else does Halo have? Cod has infection, Gun game, Search and Rescue, Hard-point, Capture the Flag, Ground-war, Free for all, and more.

    Cod campaigns may be short, but they keep it quick and simple. AW's campaign was about a private military company that plots to take over the world. And they introduce a new story line every year to keep the series fresh. Halo's producers are they are just so uncreative that they will let their fan-base sit through basically the same old story every time. Black-ops follows through covert special ops to end terrorism. Modern Warfare follows a team of specialists trying to stop world war three. Ghosts is about elite units that go behind enemy lines to disrupt the invasion of America. Halo just follows master chief as he gets lost in space finds his way back to earth, and then gets lost again, and again.

    The guns in cod are great. Some may be over powered, but lots have drawbacks to them. This way, the guns are balanced. Cod brings new guns with cool features to them every year, while Halo fans are content to make do with the needler every year. Meanwhile, Cod AW has new guns like the IMR, or the Atlas 45. Meanwhile, in Halo, where society is supposed to be advanced, people are still carrying around giant sledgehammers like its the stone age.

    Cod wins.

  • Call of Duty is weight more fun than Halo

    Call of duty has weight more action than Halo. Call of duty has better description of maps and it has more players connected when you are playing online. Also call of duty is more realistic than Hao because call of duty has place in Earth while Halo has place in Pace

  • Better Path finding system

    Com'on guys! Seriously. When was the last time It was a no-brainer to figure out how to get to the objective in halo. And also the higher difficulty. In halo they just get harder to kill as you progress to a higher difficulty. In CoD you get only a little easier to kill and the enemies are smarter

  • Fuck Halo Damn.

    I swear cod is a lot better because it's a game that requires skill, in halo your puny as can hide behind a shield, halo you guys are real solders yeet of fleek fuck halo. Hahaha dumb fucks. All people who play halo have cod games I bet. FUCK HALO.

  • Cod is better

    Call of duty is way better because for one it is more realistic, two better quality, three better guns, four better maps, five you can trickshot and snipe better on cod and six you can aim down a gun unlike in halo you just shoot with out aiming. So this is why cod is way better

  • Cod is Better than Halo

    Because halo is really bad compared to most fps like cod and cs go. Thes are why no one should get halo 1,2,3,4 or 5 even if they are handing it out free in Game. All my friends are saying that it is going to be better than cod black ops 3 but they say that every time and then always come crawling back to cod blackops 3

  • Halo Sucks Balls

    Halo started the competitive FPS gaming realm, but call of duty has made it so much better. Activision is making wall running and such to make Halo look like trash because call of duty is going to keep go into the future and be the best FPS to ever be created.

  • Call Of Duty

    Clearly Call of Duty is a better game compared to Halo due to the fact Call Of Duty has more games out than halo from COD 1-5 then COD Black Ops 1 and 2 then COD Ghosts which also has aliens in but are more like Alien from Alien Vs Predator then Advanced Warfare but thats not the point the story line for COD is much better the maps are more recognised as everything in Halo looks so fake with horrible graphics and terrible players that have to bring their halo jumping and noobyness into quality games such as black ops 1 through out 15 prestiges that was the only down fall halo noobs playing COD games and making the multiplayer bad because all they do is camp in corners, lie down, jump around and get shot due to not having any skill or team based strategy

  • Halo isn't good

    Halo's gameplay is not fluid and all you really have to do to be good at it is get into a vehicle ex. Warthog and completely destroy everyone. The weapons are not balanced and there is little variety. Overall Cll of Duty is the superior game. There are no vehicles so there can't be one person that dominates everyone else. Each weapon has another equal weapon that can counteract it so no one can gate too OP. Also call of duty offers more than just campaign and multiplayer (zombies). Call of duty is the best selling fps series, which means it is more popular overall. And bo3 will blow halo 5 out of the water

  • Cod cant hold a candle to Halo

    Halo has had better graphics than COD for a long time and while players like realistic games cod is barely realistic. You cant just take 5 bullets to the chest hide in a corner and heal completely. Even halo 1 had Health packs for your health even though they got rid of them cause it made a hard game even harder

  • Call of Duty simulates real war

    Real life war is not something to play a game about. Halo you kill aliens in a war against them. Call of Duty you kill other HUMANS. The fact is if you actually went to war, you can't just die and come back to life. Real people go out and die, and there is no respawning.

  • The Art of War

    CoD is fun, granted. Weapons, maps, classes, gamemodes, and a somewhat gripping campain. ( All those MW fans rejoice!)
    But for a game? The problem with CoD is that it is the SAME game over and over again. For the past five years, have we really played an original CoD game? You may say diffrent maps and weapons, and even abilities, but in truth, they are all reskins. You still have a gun based of an AK or M4 ect.., you still have perks, and hell! The exo suits are cheap knockoffs from Halo and Titanfall!

    Now for talent. In Cod, you start with your own class with the op weapons you unlocked. I was a noob for a while and still had a kill average of 5 :8. Itś so easy to kill in CoD. You can have some lone wolf quick scoping badass anally raping your team.
    Halo demands tactical thinking, with the objective is map domination. You all start with the same weapons and have to kill your way to upgrade. You have to find secret places for the limited armor abilities to gain the advantage. You got vehicles, and the game itself is based of teamwork. THe shield limits the player, so the most effective team is the team that can work together to overwhelm opponents.

    Now for realism. CoD sucks when it comes to realism. Regen health, the ability to survive shotgun blasts from point blank and sniper caliber bullets to the chest. Limited recoil to make guns easier to fire and perks make the game a joke. TF2 is a more realistic game than CoD.

    Halo is the most realistic game Ive played. No heath regen ( Only the sheild regens), specializations, abilitys that only work with spartans, this game takes place in the future. You play as super soilders who have sophisticated shielding tech that you have to breach befre you can kill the guy. Once the shields breached, its open season.
    You got assainations and even vehicals in an open map combat. When it does come to heath, you need to find health packs.

    Now, innovation. Halo takes time to improve and add on to an awesome story that grows better as the games improve. The developers take time to create a game guaranteed to only get better and more revolutionary.

    CoD is a reskin with hardly any innovation. The games only objective is to insure more and more explosions. Like michael bay, it gets old.

  • COD is too realistic.

    I like the fact that the halo games are set in the future, and have aliens and space travel in them. When I play video games, I want to escape from the real world for awhile, sit on the couch with my teenage brother, and just go through the campaign on legendary, you know? A good game should be able to take you out of reality for awhile, instead of mimicking every detail of it. I do enjoy COD, but I do enjoy the Halo series a lot more.

  • Halo goes a lot deeper than COD

    I've played both Halo and COD, both of their campaigns are great, both of their multiplayer are great. Where Halo takes the prize is it goes deeper into the universe than COD does. In COD, what you see is what you get (Except for zombies). In Halo, it goes so much deeper. There are mini-stories outside of the campaign modes. They give you a lot more about the history of each race, (i.E-Prehistoric Humans), outside of the games through expansion packs. Plus the Halo creators are focused on one continuous series while COD creators are busy with three different series' with three different universes at the same time.

  • The COD campaign is boring

    When you play halo you can get more story in one mission then you can in the entire call of duty campaign. And don't even get me started on the fact that you can sit down on a couch with someone and play the campaign together just enjoyably as playing alone, if not more enjoyable. Call of Duty however didn't even do this from the start.

  • The story is boring

    There is more story and excitement in one halo mission than there is in entire COD campaign. And don't get me started on the fact that you can actually sit down on the couch with another person and play the campaign together just as enjoyably as playing alone. COD however, never did that from the start.

  • Halo versus call of give me all your money

    Halo delvivers the full game a great story and an awesome multiplayer that started online multiplayer for consoles, what call of duty does is give an A OK story but its basically the same every game, the multiplayer is the only good thing in halo but they expect you to buy a season pass for content that isn't even released yet and most of it is just copy and pasted from previous titles.

  • Call of duty isnt that good compared to halo

    I hear my friends say cod is better than halo because it is more realistic. Halo is a sci-fi game its main purpose is to be futuristic. Unlike in cod where you die by two shots and alot of op weapons you need a really good aim not a really fast trigger finger. It should also be noted in halo you can make custom maps. To me theres not alot to do to customize yourself. You also have to get good guns or your going to lose. There might be skill involved but that is so rare to see someone with skill not a target finder skorpian and semi auto snipers. In reality you can make a castle in halo or a crash up derby in cod you can have fun but theres not alot to do but just troll. I have seen many squeakers and campets in cod the assault shields make them imposible to kill. There is so many cheap weapons that become so op. You have to try in halo especially in the campaign. You cant do alot without skill in halo even then you can get better rather than in cod where you deoendnon your equipment and good camping spots. In my opinion I believe halo is way more better than cod.

  • Halo is best

    Halo is one of its kind in the category and call of duty is nowhere close to it . Although the C o d game is also very good then also it don't matches the class of the game, but still ill place it just after the best halo 1

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