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  • Cold War is nice and all but. . .

    I am one of those guys that like a long campaign. I know it's tradition for CoD to have a short campaign but al least they could've made it original. A vast majority of this campaign reminded me of the Winter Soldier. There were a few badass missions though. (my personal opinion is the best mission is when you're playing as that insider spy. I forgot his name. ) I'm not saying the gameplay was bad, Just the story.

    Now on to the multiplayer mode.

    Multiplayer is. . . . Toxic. I mean, I might just be bad at the game but even if it's not Hardcore I still get one shot. Mostly by snipers which raises the question why are there snipers winning in the middle of a massacre? People are using them as close ranged weapons. (if anyone shits on that part they probably are sniper mains. Everyone else might actually agree with me. ) Some of the game modes are just Warzone modes that never got released, Like Dirty Bomb (who leaves like 50 tons of uranium just lying around? ) Don't even get me started about the stupid crossover thing with Warzone, Modern Warfare, And Cold War. It seems like they were trying to push us all out of Warzone and pressuring us to buy the latest and greatest. And honestly the camos kinda suck with the exception of the mastery camos. The Zombies camos look much nicer in my opinion.

    Speaking of Zombies. . . .

    I honestly love this gamemode. No constantly dealing with toxic players and perverted freaks. The only thing I don't really like about it is I lose like half my perks if I get downed. I get it if I die but when you're downed you technically aren't dead yet.

    Well there's my argument. Feel free to toss out a counter argument or agree with me. Probably the former knowing how may diehard CoD yesmen there are.

  • "The bible, Specifically the first five books, Says or infers in many places that 20 is the age of adulthood.

    "The bible, Specifically the first five books, Says or infers in many places that 20 is the age of adulthood. I agree that for most rights and privileges, Except
    driving in a limited way, Should be granted only when a person turns 20.

    In the Bible, Levitivus 27:1-8 references the age brackets for dedicating someone to the Lord. The brackets are one month to 5 years of age, 5 years to 20, 20 years
    to 60, And 60+. It's interesting that many studies show that the highest infant mortality rates are from birth to one month of age. The most troubled pregnancies
    are under 20 years of age (and over 40).

    Also, Numbers 1:45 and many other places state that males may not be counted for the census (which numbers men able to fight in war) until they turn 20. There is no
    upper age limit as long as they are "able to fight. "

    When the Israelites disobeyed God and did not believe the 2 spies Joshua and Caleb, Numbers 14:28-31 refers to who are adults and who are children. Those under 20
    years of age are 'children' or 'little ones. '

    I think, Just as the laws in Japan used to dictate, That someone should not be able to vote, Drink alcohol, Smoke, Purchase tobacco, Purchase guns, Serve in the
    military (at least overseas), Or get married (really! ) until they are 20 years of age. Then they should be able to do all of it.

    I think there would be a stop to so much underage drinking at college campuses if roughly 1/2 of the student population could NOT drink and one half COULD drink. I
    even think sororities and fraternities should not grant entrance to their group or their parties unless people are 20 or older.

    That's what I think. "

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