• Honestly I Loved IT!

    What can I say except it had amazing graphics, the maps were very, very good (especially with all the Easter eggs!/ interactive features) and the campaign was very fun and different. It was a good game. To me it is a 8/10 game very fun would play again! Everyone who hates it is a follower who probably hasn't even played the game.

  • The last great COD game?

    I love this game. I look back on it with fond memories and have just started playing it again instead of any of the titles released since. The maps were INCREDIBLE. I just don't understand why people hated on it. I love the big, multi faceted maps. So sick of the same old, boring, 3 lane maps that we've seen since. These maps had so much to offer, so many hidden gems, so many vantage points. The gun play was so smooth and accurate. The customization was incredible. As far as multi player goes, this is right up there with the best CODS of all time: WAW, MW 1,2 and 3, and BLOPS 1 and 2.

  • The maps actually require learning everything. Not just some dumb 3 lane map.

    The maps are actually big. Ghosts gave the CoD world what they wanted. The guns are pretty good. If anyone says the spawns suck, all the spawns suck in CoD. You can't use spawns as an excuse. Like in Battlefield, the maps are actually big and require to frequently play the game because all the maps have different layouts.

  • Cod Ghosts is good

    The story for cod ghosts is like no other. The whole game is a complete change to the call of duty universe. The multiplayer had some flaws at the beginning and people camp like its their job, but the games, if played with the mindset of any other cod game, not going into the game with the thought that it sucks, you will have a fun time. The Campaign for Ghosts might just be my favorite campaign in the entire Cod series. I'm replaying it for the 6th time because its so much fun to me. I like to think that everyone who says that ghosts sucks, hasn't truly played it. When I ask them what they think of the game, the say it sucks, then when I ask why they think that, they just say that it sucks, with no real explanation. They just want to be with the majority. In the beginning, the game had trouble, but now, the game run just like any other cod out there. If you haven't played ghosts, I really do recommend you play it, it will be worth the time and money.

  • Actually really enjoyable.

    Previous Call of Duty's just didn't have the story, multiplayer, or survival based extra that COD Ghosts has. The story actually makes sense, and it has the BEST levels. Multiplayer has amazing weapons, really intense gameplay, and amazing environmental actions. It really does bring the adrenaline rush to you. Then there's Extinction. An angel hidden in a robe. Scorned, shamed, and forgotten. Not seen for what it is. Extinction was the bliss of COD Ghosts. Story, gameplay, and idea is what makes it an amazing mode. I'd rather play Extinction than Black Ops lll Zombies. They NEED to make another Ghosts.

  • Cod Ghosts is an interactive and entertaining video game. It sets up realistic fighting and controls.

    Cod Ghosts is realistic. Pistols are stronger than Assault Rifles in real life. Guns kill, (or fatally wound) people in 3 shots, and that's how it should be. In real war, there is a lot of camping, so that should be expected in Cod. The campaign is good, it puts you at the edge of your seat, and it does not deviate into side stories.

  • CoD: Ghosts Is Good

    By most measurements, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a solid game. It features quick gameplay along with great graphics and a wide variety of features. Very few games can compare to how solid the entire game is, so most people would consider it good. It might not be the best CoD game, though.

  • In a vacuum it is

    I'm not biased to one of the "big two" or the other, I actually own Ghosts and Battlefield. Is Ghost a good game? By itself, yes, it is. The story is great, the multiplayer is decent, the Extinction mode with the right group of people is a lot of fun. Battlefield objectively blows it out of the water in every way except for story mode, but do not confuse something being better than Ghosts with Ghosts being bad.

  • Good if you are a COD fan.

    Even though I have only played Call of Duty: Ghosts just a handful times, from what I have seen, it is a pretty good first persion shooter video game. It appears to give the fans what the want; a good selection of weapons solid gameplay, and runs quite smoothly from what I've seen.

  • Call of duty: ghosts is good.

    Call of duty: ghosts is good. The graphics are pretty impressive and even the storyline is pretty good. The multi-player mode is very well integrated and keeps you interested. It could use a little more work on a few things but overall the game is worth playing and well entertained.

  • Ghosts is sad.

    Call of Duty Ghosts has got to be the most pathetic game i have ever encountered. Call of Juarez blows it out of the water, i had better graphics on my N64 i award this game no points, and may god have mercy on the souls of the creators of this game.

  • Ghosts is aids

    Call of Duty Ghost is by far the least entertaining game i have ever owned, i would rather play Call of Juarez than this pathetic excuse for a video game , my N64 had better graphics than this steaming turd, this game is a skid mark on the underpants of society, i award it no stars and may god have mercy on the souls of the creators of this game.

  • It's all the same.

    It's pretty much the same as last year but the story is a little different, the graphics are a little bit better, and extinction is a little variation on zombies mode. The multiplayer is the same, 1 map is almost identical but flipped upside down. People argue the guns are different but they're just re-skins of old guns. COD is boring nowadays. Sorry to say.

  • You can get the same game cheaper

    All things being subjective, the biggest problem with Call of Duty: Ghosts is that there was a Call of Duty game last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. The tweaks to the experience and gameplay are minor, and at this point it feels like a roster update with a bad campaign sprinkled on top. The real draw is that Ghosts has a higher userbase than previous titles, but you can get all you need out of last year's edition for half the price.

  • It is a copy and paste Sequel

    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a overrated copy and paste sequel which gets way more attention then it deserves. Since every COD game is the same, their are only 3 things that make a difference
    1. Fun Campaign
    2. Good Story
    3. Zombie Mode

    Ghosts has none of these aspects. It has a decent Story. Decent Campaign and no zombies mode.
    If you want a Fun Campaign, play Modern Warfare 2
    If you want a Good Story Play Modern Warfare
    and If you want Zombies then play any COD game that has zombies mode

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