Is Call of Duty Ghosts good (yes) or a failure (no)?

  • New Multiplayer Modes

    Call of Duty Ghosts is a success because it has introduced a totally new type of multiplayer gaming, aka blitz. This game mode introduced a new style of shooting and action. So blitz starts out with two teams of 8 and there are 2 goals, 1 per team, and you have to capture each teams goal by running through them. Most COD players really enjoy this because it's anyone's game. You can be really bad at shooting but this mode brought a whole new outlook to stealth.
    Even though this game is having spawning issues and easy kills, it's nothing difficult for a few updates to change. If we change those two things then the game will have a much better aspect and players will have a lot more fun.

  • Yeah just no

    Campaign was basic, too easy ( I started on the max difficulty and beat it in a few hours) and it was easy to predict all the plot points, plenty of science points where you are like..... Wait what? Further more the multiplier value is non-existent, just recycled garbage as usual, sub-bullet tracking, sub-par spawning, sub-par maps, there are only a few people online at any given time (100,000) there are actually more playing mw2 and mw3, unless you like running straight in and have exceptional internet and a low interest, money to burn, and tons of patience for idiots do not buy this game.

  • No it as failure.

    So much hope was brought with the new Call of Duty Ghosts, but it turned out to be a bigger failure then the last game they released. Since they changed up a lot of the characters spec, and changed the zombies into aliens, many gamers decided to boy cot the game on principle of changing so much.

  • Multiplayer Is Horrible

    I dont know why I was so excited about it like this campaign was very good but every body camps on that game. So what I did was took the game out of my xbox and thought in my head this game is not worth it and snapped it in half!!!!!

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