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  • Yes, It is

    Call of Duty Ghosts is a game were Latin America has been unified, And beging to reject negotiations with the international capital. The game represent the latin americans as enemies, As hateful people with no mind and propagate the war against our countries. Look, Search for the crimes commited by US government against middle east's people, Agains Panamans, Against Koreans etc. They want to do the same in latin america, On Venezuela, And they had to still propagate even more the hate against us. This game is not only racist, It's also a imperialist propaganda

  • It's a war game.

    War is supposed to oppose you against other countries, however people playing it can get quite racist when playing online with microphones. If you wand to say a game is racist you can look at Wolfenstein, that game thinks that Germans are so bad they create monsters for a living.

  • Call of duty is a non racist game.

    Call of duty might have strong language or violent scenes but I have played all of the call of duty campaigns but I'v never herd any racial things not even in zombies mode, there has been death scenes like Bowman from Black ops 1 but there is nothing racist about that.

  • Call of Duty has never been Racist

    Everyone knows that Call of Duty is not racist. The evidence lies within the titles of their games. They have published not one, not two, but THREE games with the title "Black Ops" in it. This is extremely racially diverse and should be applauded by politicians. One may think that Treyarch has developed games focusing on only black people. However, Sledgehammer made a game called "Call of Duty: Ghosts." This demonstrates the equal representation of white and black people. Call of Duty is not racist.

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