Is Call of Duty (yes) or Fallout (no) better?

Asked by: Starki
  • Bull Shit Cod!!!

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  • Fallout is amazing

    Fallout is a memorable free roam shooter with choices and fun mechanics that make the games great. Its newest release, Fallout 76, Makes its way to the top of my list by combining important choices with making friends, Building towns and fighting monsters. Fallout 4 on the other hand, Captures this by using the same mechanics but offline and smoother. Fallout 3 is extremely fun and an outstanding game using communication and important story choices! Fallout rules!

  • Way better than cod

    Fallout is way better it has a way better story and it is free roam and you can build towns and trade and make weapons and armor you can have a dog too and have him bring stuff too you so yea fallout is way better than cod will ever be.

  • Fallout is way better

    Fallout is an open-world game with innumerable choices, weapons, armours, quests, and NPCs that the player can interact with. While Fallout may not have a multiplayer gamemode, the gameplay, story, aesthetics, and general choice of path make it a much more preferable game. Call of Duty, however, restricts the player to a linear campaign where choices matter very little, because most major story events are scripted to have two outcomes, one of which is usually just player death. The player doesn't have the option to go into dialogue with other NPCs, there's no third-person mode, there's no character customization, and the storyline of Call of Duty games is repetitive. Quite literally the only two things that CoD has over Fallout is a multiplayer system and the Treyarch Zombies mode.

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