Is calling someone a bigot technically an action of bigotry?

Asked by: xhammy
  • Yes it is!

    Many people call others bigots mainly the LGBT and Liberal groups lately. A bigot by definition is quote: "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions". So basically anyone with an explanation point on an Yes/No debate.Org opinion. By calling someone a bigot based on their opinion, you are expressing your intolerance towards people with that opinion thus making you a bigot.

  • Without a doubt.

    Bigotry's definition, according to Apple's standard dictionary, is "intolerance towards those who hold different opinions than oneself." Now let's say I stroll into a McDonald's and say, "I think gay marriage is wrong." Immediately, someone will object. The most likely response involves the words "intolerant," "bigot," "hater," or "right-wing *****." Let's zoom in on the "bigot" accusation. If I am bigoted, I would be intolerant of anything or anyone whose opinions diverge from mine. Does this not mean that the person who instantly called me a bigot for opposing gay marriage is a bigot himself? His opinions on gay marriage and mine were at odds, so he instantly dismissed me as a bigot. He didn't take time to consider my opinion- instead he was vehemently opposed to ME because of my OPINION. This is by very definition a bigot. I've seen posts saying "It depends on the actions." Really? That's not what the dictionary says. The dictionary gave that word a meaning, with no footnotes attached. Therefore, anyone who says "Bigotry is all about the actions" is changing the definition of the word. Words have definitions for a reason- and that reason is not to be changed to manipulate an argument in your favor. Bigotry is as bigotry is defined- bigotry.

  • Where did logic go?

    Name calling is a really childish thing. And so most of the time you call someone a name if you get under your skin. Technically yes, calling someone a bigot doesn't make you one. But in the real world, and the way the word is used, it makes them both one. I can make up a false statement that I hate gays, and quite a few people will be in uproar. They'll start calling me a bigot, and that's mostly as they don't agree and can't tolerate me speaking my opinion. Which may I point out is just hypocritical as that's the reason for liberals, but someone uses it on them and they strike it down.

    While saying I hate gays points out I don't like them, it doesn't mean I don't tolerate or respect them and their choices. So automatically assuming I'm a bigot, I could easy go back to the immature child saying "I know you are, but what am I?

  • You're uglier than a bigot for calling me a bigot

    Calling someone a bigot is an attempt to shame them into silence even if the shamed person believes in what they are getting shamed for. So in a sense calling someone a bigot is worse than being a bigot because when you call someone a bigot you are calling dishonor and disgrace upon them.

  • Why of course

    Calling Someone a "Bigot" will make you one because If you don't like anthers opinion then you somewhat have the nerve to insult another because how you hate their belief. "a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group", So therefore you don't like a or accept the "Bigot" view on certain things. Ha! Checkmate Liberals, pro-lgbt, people who use the word, etc.

  • Yes, because timschochet does it

    He does. All the time. It's really quite a bad habit of his. Doesn't agree with someone? Bigot. Someone doesn't believe in unbridled immigration and open borders? Bigot. He does it all the time. It's old and tired. But it happens. Again and again. Really not nice of him. And bigoted.

  • Ironically the individual yelling "Bigot!" is, many times, a bigot him or herself.

    Simply calling someone a bigot doesn't necessarily equate to a biggoted action, however, if the individual labeling the other person a bigot feels angry and doesn't want to tollerate the opposing viewpoint of the other individual then, yes, they are themselves a bigot.

    Most of the individuals throwing around the word on the Internet could certainly be labeled intolerent of the opposing view.

  • Takes one to know one

    "a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions"

    Everyone thinks that what they believe is correct; truth is subjective. There is no one size fits all. You cannot simply call someone a bigot because they are not politically correct; or have different believes to you that you perceive to be wrong - that's being a bigot yourself.

  • In the familiar scenario, yes.

    I think it may be possible to identify bigotry without being a bigot. However, in the current and typical scenario, that is not the case. For example, in our age of political correctness it is typical for a LGBT supporter to identify a non-supporter as a bigot because of that non-support. In essence they are saying that to view non-heterosexual lifestyles as wrong is to be intolerant. But, the very act of viewing/labeling them as intolerant, is to be intolerant as well. Accordingly, to label someone a bigot typically means you are labeling yourself a bigot as well.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Yes it does, even openly calling someone a bigot shows you are intolerable to their opinion, surely this makes you more of a bigot for calling someone else one. Although I understand it depends on the subject. If the person who calls you a bigot also has an opinion on the certain subject in question, then they are definitely a bigot too, the fact that they called you out on your opposing opinion proves that they are intolerable of it.

  • Actions Speak Loudest.

    Calling someone a bigot based on their acts of bigotry doesn't determine if you are a bigot too. You can call a person a bigot and still act tolerant towards said person. Even if that person is acting like a bigot towards you. I personally believe that this sounds more like a "tolerance of intolerance" point. The LGBT community is fighting this argument against people who do not wish to treat everyone equally because they disagree with them. You can disagree with me on something, and not kick me out of your store.

  • Intolerance isn't to simply disagree.

    Solely calling someone a bigot doesn't imply that the bigot isn't tolerated, especially if the person does indeed express bigotry. That would simply be stating a fact.

    Tolerance: "showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with"

    But, is it bigotry to not tolerate intolerance? To have someone disagree with you is one thing, but for them to not allow the existence of your thoughts or behaviors is not something that should be tolerated in return. The views or actions of bigots aren't tolerated because they're personally threatening, not because they're different.

  • If I call a kettle black, does that make me a pot?

    Nothing wrong with intolerance. I don't tolerate a political system and media that have favored corporate interests over the wellbeing of humans for quite some time, and I think we need more bigotry against the influence of money on government. Corporations are unnatural and shouldn't have human rights. Where in any religious book is it said that corporations should be treated equally with natural persons? Hopefully future generations will have developed an intolerance for abuse of power that many in this day and age have developed against their fellow man who may look or act differently than they do. Bigotry is abhorrent when used to attempt to take away the inalienable rights of human beings, which is what certain political groups have done by conflating social issues with their designs to increase their grip on political power through corruptive lobbying and dismantling representative government.

  • If the Shoe Fits Wear It

    If someone is a liar, what do you call them ? It's OK to call them a liar. A bigot is someone who has beliefs that are not based on truth, and they get mad if you don't accept and embrace what they TELL YOU. If that fits some people, then I guess they are bigots. Since when is telling the truth wrong ? Truth is stronger than love. Just throwing red paint on someone and saying they are red doesnt make them red. Your bigoted red accusations are painting people every day, but we should not recluse ourselves from calling them out for their brazen ignorant bigoted claims and lies.

  • Discriminatory vs Discriminative

    It all depends on what you and your community believe in.
    Let's put it this way, legal execution of a killer is not considered a bad thing, even though it is still a killing in reality.
    If you believe racial prejudices have no place in 21st century, saying it clearly doesn't make you a bigot in pejorative sense.
    To me, the idea of "fighting for equality" is an illusion, it is only about what part of society you want to be empowered.
    If "fighting for equality" is what you are after, I'd advise that you should stop using labeling anyone with a pejorative terms, and give your opponent "I do not agree with your view on it" kind of response

  • It depends on context

    If I use bigot as a noun, a label that denounces a persons views than yes I might be construed a bigot. Intolerant of anther's views. Another scenario may be if I use the adjective of the word and say this person has bigoted views. It does not denote bigotry on my part but an expression of how I see this persons opinion.

  • Bigotry is virus

    Bigotry is spreading like virus. Bigots needs to be told they are bigots. Its not intolerance, its truth. And by the polls here now 2 in every 3 person is a bigot and they know it.
    Lets not forget, we have civil right movements only few decades back and still the bigots and racist are among us. Only hope is new generation with more liberal education

  • Being intolerant of intolerance is not intolerance itself.

    This is often a ploy by people with hatred to project away themselves by accusing others that which they are guilty of.
    The racist white guy calling others racist for not tolerating his view of blacks or hispanics.
    The religious fundie call gays and gay allies as bigots for getting fed up with religion running amok with the idea of "religious freedom".
    People need to take stand against unfairness and be able to call out inequality where it exists.

  • Equality isn't bigotry

    In order to have a fully functioning, just society. People, particularly a minority, or group with limited representation, should have equal access to contribute to their community, while enjoying the protections and advantages of that society as equals.
    However, to deny a bigot from expressing his opinion, as odious as it may be, is bigotry.

  • It’s absolutely not

    Bigotry is not a disagreement. It is a state of mind where a person feels their opinion is the only truth and feels others with different beliefs or opinions are beneath them. And they sometimes even think others are less than human if they do not believe or think the way the bigot does

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