• I'd say top 25, but not top 10

    Calvin johnson is a very talented player, but if you compare him to Marvin Harrison, Jerry Rice or Isacc Bruce and even TO or Larry Fitzgerald, he's not quite it the same class yet. Having the right QB makes a difference too. If you look at Athalon, ESPN or Ranker lists, he's usually in the 15-20 range rather than at the very top.

  • Yes, Calvin Johnson is one of the greatest receivers of all time.

    Yes, Calvin Johnson is one of the greatest receivers of all time because Johnson has broken and set numerous NFL records and is one of the most athletic receivers to ever play football. In 2012, Johnson signed one of the largest contracts ever and was drafted second overall in the 2007 NFL Draft.

  • Absolutely no way

    In this era of the fantasy football explosion everybody is going to be a supposed lock for the greatest player ever or First Ballot Hall of Famer. Unfortunately this is just overexposure that the media gives us on a weekly basis. Is Calvin Johnson a great wide receiver? Absolutely, but to say one of the greatest of All-Time is blasphemy. He was simply a beneficiary of an era that was the Passing Attack.

  • No, this author believe he could become in the future

    Calvin Johnson has the skill to be #1. He's a beast of a man at 6-5 240 lbs, played college football and was recognized as an All-American twice. My opinion is that he can break any coverage and with 2 games over 200 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 1681 yards says a lot about his capabilities. He is good but I would hesitant to vote him #1 over Jerry Rice, among a list of other well-known players.

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