• Yes it it is

    Why does this question even exist? I'm a canadian living in Canada. I know this may be a joke. If so then funny lol. However if you are serious then it's a moot question. Of course it is! Just like us, japan, England Egypt, Scotland etc. How old are you? Just wondering?

  • Its a country I don't know how people don't know that yet. Like really its been a country since 1867.

    It has been a country for some time now it takes a idiot to say its not, its in G8, the UN, NATO, it is recognized as a country's world wide by most country's of the world. Furthermore they have there own government and selective provinces, with there own military and set of laws, just like the usa and its states.

  • Canada is a country.

    It has its own people, provinces, currency, and government. Canada has long been on its own governing itself and indentifying itself as an individual nation. Canada certainly is a country as it behaves as any other country would and has sovergnity like any other country would. Canada is a country.

  • It's all a part of Montana.

    It is the largest, northernmost state of the "United" States of America, also known as America's Frosted Hat, Soviet Canuckistan, America's Wacky Colorful Comic-Relief Next-Door Neighbors, Soon to be the 51st State but more commonly known as "Oops, this isn't Michigan!", is situated somewhere near the inconsequential continental U.S.A., and slightly south of the North Pole. The United Nations has managed to narrow it down further to not only north of the U.S. but also up, eh? Canada is the USA's largest national park, and tourist attraction. At one point, Canada was disputed territory, having at least once been part of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Russia, New York, England, and the Shire, Canada is now commonly accepted as a county in Montana.

    Canada is considered to be a county in the upper part of Montana. There is no government. How do you explain Alaska? If Canada did exist, then how is Alaska just floating up there next to Canada. It being a country just doesn't make any sense.

  • Not possible due

    How can a made up place be a country? Thats like saying australia is real. Is shangri-la real? YES, thats why it is a state. If i went to the fabricated canada border, then i would fall of the edge of our flat earth. So fake places dont have counrty boy ownwnw it is no country

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