• Lets be honest

    By definition a country can not be racist however it's people can be and are racist. The only one's to say there is no racism in Canada are uninformed white people. Most intelligent self-aware individuals should know this the others can look it up "racism in canada". No comparison was asked for it is a simple yes or no question, Emphasis on simple.

  • Yes, Just look at its treatment of it's native populace.

    The Canadian government enacted a series of regulations, Controls, And limits on the indigenous people in order to erase their way of life. They also treated them as secondary citizens and denied them many rights that the other citizens of Canada. They also abducted native children from their parents to raise them in Catholic boarding schools where they were subject to very poor conditions. These schools had high infant mortality rates and were infamous for the abuse of the children by the staff. This happened in the 1970's, Which was not that far ago at all. Only recently has the Canadian government even made an attempt to acknowledge their actions.

  • No. Not compared to any country that exist or has ever existed.

    Following the recent murder of an islamic family by a canadian, There has been an outpouring of accusations toward Canada for apparently providing and underlying culture of racism and anti muslim rhetoric. Such accusations even coming from our party leaders like Trudeau and Singh. This is unequivocally false and nothing more than a political attempt to bank on a tragedy to further pursue the erosion of Canadian identity.

  • No. But it should be.

    As soon as we kick out all these anti-white liberals Canada should pursue fascism. Whites are the only race on the planet that has ever cared about other races and we get nothing but disrespect in return. For every white attack on minorities there are ten going the other way.

  • Nope, Very high tolerance of every race

    Canada is cool and is fair with other races. This is relative as Canada still has racism. However, It is a lot less than the other countries that exist in the world as it is one of the more free and fair countries on our planet because it is just with each race

  • Canada is about as good as it gets. . .

    It's in fact, One of the least racist countries in the world, Comparably to other countries like Japan or Thailand, Racism is prevalent and there are no mechanism or laws to combat it.
    This is under the presumption that every country is at least a tad bit racist, And there's no perfect countries where racism doesn't exist at all, But Canada is among the best in the world at racial equality already.

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