• Talking Government Or Citizens?

    Most governments are supporters to human right abusers. While I think many governments do the best they can to be for human rights. They just want to make sure their countries are profitable and often will look the other way to keep the economy vibrant. Individual citizens in certain parts of any country could care less about human rights. Usually, the people they elect will have similar viewpoints.

  • Yes,Canada does support human right abusers.

    I am not saying all over the country its bad,but in certain areas, human right are being abuses. The Lubicon issue is a large one, that proves they allow people to hurt others, if its swept under the rug. Its things like this that makes the country an avid supporter of abuse.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, Canada is a supporter of people who abuse human rights. Look at what is happening in Quebec, with them wanting to completely split off and separate from Canada. This would not happen if Canada had been tougher on the human rights advocates, and not let them push so far.

  • No, Canada is not.

    Canada has elected an awful prime minister and currently has one of the most incompetent governments in the developed world but they are not a supporter of human rights abusers. Canada is a shining example of how a country should be. Of course they're flawed, but there is mostly good in that country.

  • Canada is not a supporter of human rights abusers

    Despite the valid arguments against Canada, it is not a supporter of human rights abusers. Canada has an interest in helping people in general, and all they want to do is to make sure every person gets treated fairly and tried fairly in court. So yes, at the moment it is protecting individuals who will still need to be tried fairly.

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