• Canada is better than the us

    Canada has a better healthcare Canada also has a free healthcare Canada has less fewer crimes also Canada has more nice polite people Canada has better food Canada also has of course a far better, Actual government than the USA also Canada tend to be the best country also Canada is more respected

  • Is the U. S able to be summed up in just 1 leaf?

    No, I never though so.

    On top of that, Canada has universal healthcare, Which is far more preferable than leaving it up to big investors and cooperations like in the United States. And alongside that Canada has legalised Maruijana, Giving more freedom to people as Maruijana is a harmless drug as long as you smoke it above 25 years old, And was made illegal in the first place by a racist scare campaign by an America, In America.

    Canada gets right, What America gets both right and wrong.

    An Australian

  • Canada is a first world country

    The states, In my opinion, Cannot compare with canada because we have a better healthcare system, Where i'm from people aren't robbing banks and shooting each other, Hell, School shootings are so common in america, They aren't even on the news i heard, And trump nearly started WW3, Lets not forget that encounter with Iran

  • Canada needs the usa

    Without the USA Canada would fall collapse and be invaded and successfully be annexed by other countries without the USA ok and no I think that Canada is not better than the USA Canada is weak and of course Canada has a poor government than America of course indeed bye

  • Canada needs the US military

    Without the U. S. As an ally they're military might would fall in a hot second to almost any other country.

    Trump nearly started world war 3 but if you think the U. S. Is at a disadvantage in a war even with this many people dying from corona, You're under some serious delusions.

    Canada may be peaceful, But let's not forget who keeps it that way. Sure as hell isn't the Canadian army. (no offense).

    They are your angry neighbors because if they weren't all their allies would be fucked.

    Military expenditures (2019) Canada $21 billion US $716 billion

  • Canada is gay

    Canada more like gaynada am i right like canada is so f***ing gay ahahahahahaha f***ing canada am i right penis sucking country canada ahahaha gay ass canada f***ing homos am i right guys lol the only thing they r good at is hockey but other than that they r so f***ing gay

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