• Yes Canada is

    Despite the possible threat to the environment from use of tar sands, it seems that Canada will be able to dilute the EU rules limiting its use. Bowing to industry demands and claiming that it will help the global economy, Canada claims the new technology can mitigate the environmental impact of using the tar sands.

  • Yes, Canada is making excuses.

    I think that Canada is making all the excuses they can for not limiting their use of tar sands. I think it is clear that it is more than beneficial for Canada to use tar sands. That is why they have no desire to start limiting their use of it.

  • Yes, I believe they are.

    I believe that they know how bad tar sands are for the environment but because they will greatly strengthen the Canadian economy Canada has set aside its previously strong environmental protection policies to be able to ship the product to Europe. It seems as if people only want to protect the environment when it doesn't impact their economy.

  • Canada's Goals Reasonable

    Canada has a long history of careful management of natural resources. The issues have been studied extensively in the past, and are still carefully monitored. Thorough consideration is given to any action that may be taken. Prior to making significant decisions, Canada will take the time to research, explore, and debate the use of tar sands. Once all sides have had the opportunity to speak, then a decision will be made.

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