• Gosh everything about it

    Universal health care, murder rates one quarter of the USA, and I'm sure the people are really nice. I don't know why they have to put a fifty word minimum on this, because I don't really have that much else to say except go Canada (I do not live there)

  • Canada is a safe country

    Free health care, Fair citizens and a great government, What more could you want? Meanwhile, I’m trapped in the US with no gun control and an ever increasing crime rate. I know I am not alone, And everyone I know dreams of moving to Canada because they fear being killed or shot.

  • Canada is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One reason that canada is the best place to live is the health care. Our health care is well supported and taken care of. Secondly, in Canada everyone includes everyone. We are equal with different genders, races, and religions. Canada is the best place to live in the entire world!!!!!

  • Yes and no

    I chose yes because Canada still is a great country to live and flourish in. We have cheap universal healthcare which pretty much means every Canadian gets it unlike overexpensive healthcare in the U.S. which about 55% Americans do not have decent coverage. Crime is lowering in many cities, but it is still an issue in many, such as Winnipeg. It is also a beutiful nation to live in. For example, here in Saskatchewan we have pretty much every terrain, except large mountains and volcanos. Yes, in just Saskatchewan there is over 100,000 lakes, many hills, tundra, forest, lots of plains/grassland, and even a small desert in the south! Many other places in Canada have beautiful sites as well.
    Our society is very welcoming, and Canadians are known to be one of the most, if not the most nicest people in the world. We especially accept LGBT people, and are becoming more acceptance of them.

    There are some things that are wrong with Canada that I will not go into. We aren't perfect, but we are a great nation, not the best. We have Harper which is pretty much the Canadian Bush.

    That's about all. Canada is pretty great, and it is a growing nation as many immigrants from Philippines, Middle East, and Europe are coming here.

  • No it used to be!

    We used to be the best nation on earth in the 1970s and 80s before the Liberals ruined our nation and decided to make it multicutltural, they sold us out for free trade, they let people use canada as a country of convenience, they let terrorists bred here and even support them, they brought down womens rights and workers rights etc. Canada will never be the same its not even respected anymore around the world!

  • There is not a perfect place

    The world is filled with different places, with different people, who enjoy different things. One can not simply state where the best place to live is. You may give a very convincing argument about why you like it but unless they are the same person as you; your point is invalid.

  • Who wants to be an escamo

    All canadiens live in igloos, and are primitive beings unlike us superior americans. Cannadiens r stupid while americanz r smart. We r better. If u wanna be cold all the time and have no technology go to canada. If you wanna be warm, and rich go to america. Gayz fagets

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