• Hm... Well lets look at this

    America: If you need surgery in order to save your life, you'll have to pay a fee that'll set you back at least a decade, and then also taxes
    Canada: Health care is free, we use taxes to fund it. Oh and by the way, are tax rates aren't that much bigger than in America, it's just we're better at handling money.
    America: We allow any and all guns, because hundreds of years ago, when guns would fire one shot before needing to reload, and reloading would take one full minute, it was reasonable to allow anyone to have one. But somehow, it's still reasonable even though we have guns that can kill 12 people in one second.
    Canada: Despite what many Americans think, we don't all out BAN ALL GUNS. You can own a gun for reasonable reasons. If you have a hunting license, you can own a hunting rifle. If you frequent a shooting range, or even do professional shooting at a shooting range, you can own a pistol. And if you're a cop, you have a gun.
    *sighs* let me put it this way, you've never seen a cop show set in Canada. You know why? We don't have a high crime rate, a cop show wouldn't make sense, with weekly major crimes requiring the entire police department.

  • Yes, very much yes

    We are talking about cities here, big cities, with population over 1 million. Do you feel safe walking in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadephia etc at 2am? Not even New York, probably. You can't compare downtown Toronto to some remote area in New Hampshire or North Dakota.

    There is no denying that Canadian cities are MUCH SAFER than American cities. Suburbs and rural areas are generally safe anywhere you go just because of the low density. Why would a potential robber go somewhere where you see one person (most likely in car) every 20 minutes?

    As to reasons, gun is not the reason. People don't need guns to commit crimes. Canada has less crime because Canadians, even lower income people, generally have decent lives. Unlike in the US, they don't hate the society, they don't hate the rich, and they don't want some sort of revenge. Imagine you have decent health care, education etc, why risk being put in jail? Many American criminals probably have nothing or little to lose, or the whole society/culture makes them want to be rich over night.

    Even for the employed, you feel quite differently between if your CEO makes 20 times of your income (as in Canada) and if he makes 500 times (as in the US). You will be less happy in the latter case although this American may earn 20% more than the Canadian worker.

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  • Yes Canada is safe

    Well if you ask me Canada is safer than the US because of the natural disasters over there like Oklahoma the state which gets the most tornadoes than anywhere else in North America and also because The Canadian government only allows some guns compared to the US Not Many shootings in Canada Yes Canada is safer than the US

  • Duh, it is.

    Canada has a lower rate than America. America is ranked 1st in the world for the number of rape and has three times as many murders than Canada. America also has a higher robbery rate than Canada. Canada is currently ranked 8th in the world for the safest country. America isn't even close.

  • 29 year old gay american

    1. West indian, they are not biased 2. Toronto, vancouver, montreal is so nice and luxurious 3. Born in nyc but dying in toronto 4. Barely any blacks and latinos 5. I love the cold 6. My american people is mean and greedy 6. I love rapper drake i want to marry him!

  • I am an 29 yrd old gay american

    1. No one is biased up there 2. Vancouver, montreal and toronto are the most beautiful cities in the western hemisphere 3. Canadians are really polite 4. It's so clean compare to nyc and fort lauderdale 5. I love french people and their culture 6. I am west indian but i think i am white.

  • Yes, but there are several issues leading to that

    One of it is, high ethnical diversity in major US cities, and especially the African-Americans and Latinos aren't known for being peaceful. Another issue is, poverty is a considerable problem among those non-white folks. And wealth oriented society, vice versa. But the rurals are pretty much same with Canada in terms of safety.

    Also, the LA is not bad as it's used to be, and the Chicago crime is almost entirely limited to specific areas which an average Middle Class family guy Chicago resident would never have to visit. For the Detroit:Just nuke the place along with Baltimore. I'm serious, those places are worse than Middle East.

  • Depending on future immigration

    For the moment it isn't, if you remove non American cultures the death rate in the US is one of the lowest in the planet. In other words, remove South California and Detroit/Chicago and the US is near the top in safety.

    Don't go to Detroit, Chicago or South California you will be fine.

    Posted by: N711
  • Poor government in Canada.

    How could it be when Canada's medical system is what ours is becoming? In Canada, emergency service can take a lot of time, like months. Elderly are safer avoiding hospitals. The government system in Canada is not nearly as good. Canada lacks in religious freedom. Five more words are here.

  • Poor healthcare and harsh winters

    Well, Canada doesn’t have great health care. It might be free, but because of that, people living in this country have to wait for months just to get a proper surgery! Not only that, Canada’s winters are filled with days of extreme cold. In fact, temperatures in the capital of Canada are in the 20s during the winters! So, for those reasons, immigrating to Canada is not recommended.

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Jifpop09 says2014-01-16T00:42:28.250
To all these mini debates on health treatment
America has some of the most renowned hospitals and doctors oon earth.