Is Canada's policy of including minority groups in government an advantage?

Asked by: Pistachio76
  • It is an advantage

    Change is the only constant, everything changes through time. This reality that nothing stays the same should be liberating, because if people believe it, they’ll no longer define themselves by their thoughts or be limited by a fixed idea of who they are. Their possibilities will be endless. Therefore, it is an advantage.

  • Minorities in government

    Canada has various racial communities within its population, and any country's society; regardless major or minor, should both have balanced representation in parliament. This also benefits, with a more diverse range of ideas and policies being proposed. Therefore, including minorities in the government is a plus for the Canada's population

  • It is an advantage.

    Including minority groups in the government body allows the government to better understand about the concerns and needs of the minority groups in Canada. A good government needs to listen to the voices of all and not just the majority group. Otherwise, the minority groups in the country will be left behind and not benefit from the government policies.

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  • It is unstable

    Minority governments have a lifespan of only a few years due to its high cost. This causes it to be really unstable when implementing policies to the public. Knowing that they have such a short lifespan, it would be difficult to trust such governments in the long run. Thus it is unstable.

  • It is only temporary

    In terms of unemployment, the overwhelming picture is one of continuing ethnic minority disadvantage compared with the White British majority group;
    There is a considerable difference in unemployment rates between places for each ethnic group, as well as between ethnic groups; and
    Ethnic inequalities between groups have persisted over time

  • Minority government and cost

    A minority government is usually very costly to sustain, and as there are many opposing views, it would be very inefficient in making major decisions. Major bills and laws will take years to past, and a minority government might not even survive that long. It is democratic, yes, but isn't worth the disadvantages that it carries.

  • It is a disadvantage

    Generally a party comes under force if it gets more than 50% of total seats. In such case it is called as government with majority. But some times none of the party gets more that 50% of seats so in this case there are two options available offered by respective governor.
    One is governor can ask the party with maximum seats won to make government with the help of other party or if it is not possible then second option is re-election.
    The same scenario was happened in Delhi previous year. At that time AAP formed the government with the help of congress.

    Now advantage is that it's your government in that state so you can select your own ministers and accordingly govern the state. But make sure that the supporting party is happy with you and that party has no issue.
    Whenever that party will feel some issue , it can withdraw any time.
    Second disadvantage is that while passing any bill, you need full support of supporting party otherwise that bill will not get passed so make sure that that party is also in favor of you ALWAYS.


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