Is cancer spending one of the reasons behind the recent cost increases for health insurances?

  • Cancer spending health care on the rise

    Cancer spending one of the reasons behind the recent cost increases for health insurances. Cancer is spreading because of to many chemicals being put into our envinorment then there use to be. Remove the chemicals and start doing things more naturally and you will see a big decline in health care costs.

  • Yes, but it's worth it.

    Yes, cancer spending has helped to inflate our healthcare spending, but you have to realize that it's important. What we need is more reform (more than the Affordable Care Act), and we need the Democrats in Congress to realize that. Once we have a single payer system, we'll see health insurance costs decline.

  • No it is not

    No it is not the reason for increase in cost of health insurance. It is because more people are going to the ER and getting sick and they don't pay their hospital bills and it just trickles down to the insurance companies which means it gets trickled down to the common person. Think about that.

  • Only The Sick Get Insurance

    I believe health insurance costs are the result of two things: profits and people that are more likely to buy insurance. People who are sick are more likely to buy insurance and are more interested in obtaining medical services that they may or may not need. Some people go to the doctor when they don't even need to. Those people clamor to health insurance for its benefits, not healthy people who avoid doctors until its absolutely necessary. There should be a healthy balance and all people should have access to health care.

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