• After a dream I had I can't help but feel that way lol

    She's supposed to be a Christian and all, but after I had a dream with her about me trying to meet her and talk to her and get to know her, I can't stand her. I had a dream that I tried to talk to her and get to meet her, and she just shoved me aside and gave me the "ugh" TN girl attitude.

  • So Stuck Up

    American actress Candace Cameron is just about as stuck up as one could possibly be. It goes along with the rest of the cast and crew of Full House, all of whom are stuck up. Cameron still thinks people care about DJ Tanner, but in reality nobody cares about her anymore.

  • A lovely lady balancing family, work, and first, her love of God!

    I have followed Candace Cameron-Bure on FaceBook and I read her website occasionally. If anything, she does have to get a bit defensive, but only when people say she is doing something wrong that she feels is not. TONS of especially young women who loved DJ Tanner now love Candace. She has written two books, raised a bunch of kids, managed to stay married, unlike most of Hollywood... There is nothing "stuck up" about her. That is just a mean, unkind thing to say, especially about someone who really is trying daily to be a good person!

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