Is capital punishment essential to control violence in society?

  • We need it

    In the UK there is no death penalty. Thus means that there are a lot more murders and rapes than there should be. If we bring it back and make it mandatory for murderers rapists peedophiles and terrorists then there will be less of those people around. Right now prisoners enjoy there life in prison with 3 meals a day and TV. It is the only way to prevent future crimes.

  • Yes capital punishment is the greatest determent

    Yes capital punishment is a great way to control violence in society. A criminal thinking of committing a crime may think twice if they know the punishment for their crime could be death. Otherwise they are living out their life not being bothered in prison which does not sound overly bad.

  • Our will to live will make us think twice

    Death penalty is the most efficient way of deteriorating serious crimes in society , as the consequences of the crimes are a matter of life and death. Death penalty of those convicted act as Justice and security for the victims family, and other citizens in society . The Law's purpose is to bring forward Justice in society, and the death penalty allows convicted to be Punished fairly and accordingly to their crime. A man or woman rapes and murders as an act of justice should be rightfully put to death due to the seriousness of his crimes.

  • No, it is not essential to control violence in the society

    First of all, who are we to take away the life of others. We are not God that we can make a judgement about others. If this is essential to control violence in the society, why then do we see, hear and experience violence in our day to day life.

  • No, it's not.

    No, I do not think that capital punishment is essential to control violence in our society. I think that life is prison should be punishment enough. Capital punishment is simply state sanctioned murder, and I do not believe that two wrongs make a right. The cost of housing prisoners is definitely an issue, but the answer is not the death penalty.

  • Capital punishment should not be ESSENTIAL to control violence.

    This is such a complex situation. I don't believe in capital punishment, ie, the death penalty, but I also don't think the taxpayers should pay for them to live in prison. We live in a very violent society, but we had to learn it from somewhere. We see our parents fighting and abusing each other. We fight with our brothers and sisters. It seems to have become a way of life. However, violence does not treat violence. The cycle has to stop.

  • No, capital punishment is not essential to control violence in society.

    I believe it has been shown that the existence of capital punishment has not deterred criminals from committing violent crimes. In fact, states that do have capital punishment show roughly the same amount of violence as states that have abolished capital punishment. For this reason, capital punishment is obviously not essential to control violence in our society.

  • No, it's not

    No, I would have to strongly disagree that capital punishment is essential to control violence in today's society. Capital punish is cruel and harsh and should not be used to mass control of violence. We cannot fight violence with violence. We need to have a better understanding of the origin of the violence and learn from each other on where we are coming from.

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