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  • How can you justify murder

    Capital punishment is murder, how can we justify that. Especially if the person committed murder, its like we are saying murder is wrong so we are going to murder you.

    Capital punishment robs the person of the chance to ever be a good person and find forgiveness for their sins. They many have done awful things on earth but no one deserves to go to hell for eternity.

  • It makes us just as bad as the criminal.

    I am against the death penalty for many reasons, this is just one. I think if we kill a criminal because we thirst for revenge, it makes us just as bad. I'm not actually religious, but I believe in forgiveness. Not only that, but a few of the more common methods are painful. And a little unrelated, but Texas stopped giving criminals about to be executed a last meal, just because of one person ordering a massive meal and not eating it. Cruel.

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