• It is not morale

    It is wrong because hundreds of innocent people are wrongfully executed each year. Furthermore juveniles got executed up to 2005. When it is done wrong it causes much pain and takes a long time. A person in Texas was given an experimental lethal injection and it took a painful 2 hours to kill him, he was crying in agony the whole time

  • Its Morally Unacceptable

    Nobody has the right to decide when the time has come for somebody to die. By making such decisions we are taking on power which is not rightfully our own, and assuming a role as 'God'. God gives life and He takes away. We are sending people to death, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!! So many people have been proven innocent after death, they have had in some cases, what should have been a fruitful and full life ahead of them ripped away as they were sent to their death for no other reason than those in power thirsting for retribution. This type of punishment is not justice. It is hate-filled, cruel and inhumane. Jesus taught us to forgive. Our world would be a much happier place if we spread love instead of hate and retribution in response to crimes committed by those who need it most. Jesus died for us. He was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. No-one should have to die for sin. No matter how great it was, nobody should be refused the atoning love and grace of God through an early death, and likely with no knowledge that God loves them. It undermines the very message of Christ and its just not ok.

  • Yes it is wrong

    We have been taught since we were little that hurting people is wrong and basically now we are paying our government to teach our kids that yes its wrong unless you work for this certain branch in government allowing you kill the people who kill the people. How is that at all right aren't kids the future and yet we are leading them down a the wrong path full of violence and hate and open murder. Because that is basically capital punishment is murder but for people who deserve it? People who have a profession in that field honestly in my opinion are hypocrites seeing as they are saying no to this and doing it anyways.

  • Does two wrongs make a right?

    Fundamentally I think what's the most appaling about capital punishment is having a select groups such as (government officials/ court judges and even police) have the right to DECIDE who is deemed fit to live and who is not. I think it can also be a discussion of religion as well if you do believe in God. As it is a decision to be made by him in the end. Essentially what these people are doing are playing God. The idea that two wrongs make a right do not really make sense but have existed since biblical times. If one person is murdered does systematically murdering the perpetrator hangs reality? Not really. Instead of one person being dead, two are now dead. I don't think it's moral at all to give the power to certain people who dictate the fate of others. Moreover there have been numerous cases all over the world where innocent people have been executed in the absence of compelling enough evidence to incriminate them. What then do you say the families of the innocent? "Sorry we killed your _______ without any evidence. It turns out he/she was innocent." Sorry simple doesn't cut it and doesn't fix what has been done. I would also like to add that most if not all people have a capacity to change. You will never know how tall a tree can grow if you cut it down. In other words we will never know the true capability of change a person has and how they may contribute to society.

  • God is the only judge

    During the Old testament times, yes, God and God alone ordered the deaths of many for His reasons and His only. After Jesus came and died on the cross for all of us sinners, including murderers, things changed. If a murderer like Saul in the Bible can be transformed through Christ to become Paul, one of the greatest followers of all times, then a murderer today can be saved. If we kill them, they may not have that chance and cannot preach the word in prison. I believe they should go to prison for the rest of there life with no chance of parole. That is justice NOT revenge.

  • Penalties should serve rehabilitation, Not retribution.

    Death is irreversible. With the death penalty, You deprive the murderer their chance at rehabilitation, It only exerts an eye for an eye.

    Even the catholic church has renounced the death penalty as an acceptable choice of punishment to protect the people.

    Many countries notorious for their lack of freedom and human rights not only use the death penalty, But also intentionally abuse it.

    Also, What if an innocent gets the needle? They cannot be pardoned anymore.

  • So morally wrong

    Only god has the right to decide, it is unjust for any person even the government have the right to diced if a human life is worth to be take away. Wether he has taken a life or not, it is not up to us to decide. When man decides who lives and who dies its chaos, just remember the holocaust, that happened simply because one man had all the power to decide who lives and who dies, so he basically sent a death penalty to an entire race, wiping out millions, that is the same as the government saying they have the right to kill a criminal.
    It doesn't matter how many followers you have, hitler had millions, jesus had 12

  • It is wrong

    The death penalty is morally wrong for a number of reasons. One, many innocent people get executed a year 144 people have been exonerated which means proven innocent but most likely more people are also innocent. An example of this happening is 14 year old George Stinney was executed for the apparent murder of 11 year old Betty Binnicker and 8 year old Mary Thames. It took 10 minutes to sentence a 14 year old boy to death, it took 70 years to prove him innocent, but it was far to late.

  • You are killing humanity

    I think someone or some person or whoever i if i do something wrong ,it's punishable but it not mean's that capital punishment so i want to ask one to every one who support of capital punishment that have you realize ever or do u know that how will they hansel so just think about that it is wrong or right

  • It is morally wrong

    No one should get a life taking even though they have taking a life. They should have a punishment but not death. No one should have a life taking away for no reason. Even if it was not meant it should not happen. They have family treat people how you want to be treated.

  • No one else deserves to die

    Those murderers are smart if they aren't killed the will find a way to kill someone else. Though it is cruel what those people did was much more cruel.I think that even thought there are people who are put to death who were innocent, that was the fault of their lawyer not them. I think that it should be more managed thats all.

  • It isnt wrong

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  • Kill my family you deserve to die

    If someone killed my family simply I would kill them or the government could. Preferably the government. It doesnt have to be about anything but. We do abortions, euthanize animals, and have physician assisted suicides. Why is this any different? . . . . . . . . . .

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  • This is not a topic of religon

    Okay in one argument someone brings up god. He is an idolizing symbol but the government system is an idea people created that they believe is morally right not this figure people created in their mind that is supposed to explain everything for them. On top of that I believe if someone murders another person he should not get the death penalty. But if a man was put on trial for murdering an entire family, he should be put to death. The US citizens should not pay their taxes to keep people like that alive. Which is when in my personal opinion the death penalty is morally okay

  • No it is not

    This is rubbish, if someone kills others, they need to feel justice. If someone killed your family, and/or raped them, you would want them dead, it is unfair to let them live, where they can just do it again. Why don't we kill the people who are ruining this land that could be a paradise!

  • Its not wrong

    The people this would affect are the people that are ruining earth which could be a paradise if no one killed or hurt. Everyone should treat others how they would like to be treated. If someone murders they should pay. How would you like it if a family member was murdered for no reason and everyone just said oh no need for revenge they are just going to have a few years in prison but its okay you family member doesn't get another chance at life the person that took their life gets another shot at it.

  • It is not morally wrong

    I don't believe the really issue of the death penalty has anything to do with morals so much as just it is ineffective. Although I support the death penalty in all my research it is consistently stated that the death penalty does nothing to deter criminals from committing crimes. However, there are people out there that just have no place in this world and it is in the best interest of everyone for them to be permanently removed. Not fed and housed on the taxpayers dollar until nature claims them. Life in prison is just not a severe enough punishment for murder. Admittedly not all murder do merit the death penalty but those involving serial killers, rapist, and paedophiles certainly deserve a more severe punishment than life in prison. Since daily torture is not within the moral guidelines, death is a humane and just alternative.

  • Capital punishment is not morally wrong.

    If your whole family had been murdered, right in front of your eyes, or if someone you held dear to your heart was raped or tortured, you wouldn't want the culprit dead? I could flick the switch myself if anyone did that to my family. Anyone who rapes, tortures or murders doesn't deserve the chance to be let free to prowl the streets again. Because, without Capital Punishment, offenders get the chance to gain their freedom. No matter how much they say that they have changed, they wont have and they will do everything that got them into jail again and again because they will keep getting out on good behaviour and go for early parole. Nothing is definite set in stone apart from Capital punishment.

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