• I doesn't matter

    If you are truly innocent you will go to heaven and if you are truly evil you will go to hell, the death penalty isn't inhumane in my perspective, If were on death row and innocent I would not care because I will go to heaven by God's grace. In God's eyes he loves everyone equally no matter what you may have done, I know killing someone is wrong but if you are truly sorry God will forgive you.

  • Some crimes deserve capital punishment

    In certain cases, capital punishment should be used on criminals. If there is a legitimate danger to society who is accused of certain crimes such as killing and raping children, mass mudrder, or a few other severe crimes, then capital punishment should be used. We shouldn't have to pay taxes to keep them alive.

  • Capital punishment is wrong.

    How can our govt. Kill criminals for killing people. Its hypocritical. The govt. Gets to judge and choose who to kill and who to lock up who are they to judge I mean lets get real if you haven't walk in that persons shoes don't judge them. Locking up a criminal and rehabilitating him or her works better then just killing them.

  • Rehab More Effective

    The American justice system is broken. Instead of capital punishment, try rehabbing criminals. If rehab doesn't work, have the most dangerous criminals do hard labor to carry out their sentence. Killing someone isn't necessary--instead of death, someone should repay their debt to society by working it off for their entire life.

  • No, it isn't necessary.

    It cost more than housing a criminal for their entire life to have them put to death. Other than the need for the victims or relations of victims to get revenge and satisfaction it doesn't provide anything that a life sentence doesn't. People also have more time to think about their actions which may be more punishment than a quick death when they spend the rest of their existence in a cage.

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