• Is murder okay?

    I as a christian believe the bible to be true and this verse "eye for eye, and tooth for tooth" to be true. (Matthew 5:38) Murder is wrong, people should be punished for breaking the law and if they commit a murder they too should be killed. When you commit a crime you know what you are doing and should be held accountable for what you have done.

  • Eye for a Eye

    If we take an eye for an eye ,all will be blind said Gandhi ji . If we focus more on rehabilitation than capital punishment we could get a better world. Usually people from low income group get the punishment in India. If they get the punishment then no one supports their family leading to more resentment.If make them good citizen then they can contribute in the society

  • No, Not Under Any Circumstance

    Murder is wrong, both morally and through legislation.

    So, let's look at a scenario. Johnny kills Timmy, premeditated, of course. Johnny goes through the court process, is found guilty, and sentenced to death.. For killing someone. Johnny, himself, is put to death... At the hand of someone else. So, Johnny was, basically, murdered by the state, for a murder he committed previously. But, isn't murder, murder?

    The death penalty is state-sanctioned murder. As someone from Texas (which has a damn HOV line when it comes to the lethal injection), I see a lot of executions. Hell, our current governor has overseen nearly 300 himself. The "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" argument is a talking point, nothing beyond that. If we live in a society where the act of taking someone's life is looked at as heinous, then why authorize the state to do the same thing? It's hypocritical.

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