• Death penalty is needed

    The death penalty can be a easy way out but that is also a right for the person, Especially if they feel nothing but remorse and don't want to live with their guilt. Also it's needed for those who can't be saved, The souless if you want to call them that, Need to die. We shouldn't be paying taxes to keep their asses alive. If for say a hostage situation went very wrong and the person was robbing the bank did not want that to happen, They can stay a live or take the penalty. There is a difference between a human in a feral state like an animal than a monster or demon. Simple as that and that's a fact. It's happened before and still does.

  • Some people just can't be trusted alive

    I do not take it lightly though. It should be done after there is absolutely no question that they are guilty. I can not worry about a serial murder escaping. A serial rapist just should not be allowed to use up our resources. I just can't say no to this particular debate.

  • There should be death penalty to those worse criminals

    4. Mistakes are made in the process and it kills me to hear about stories of people being declared innocent after already being executed. But I think the death penalty is important too and really is required to make our system of justice work. There needs to be adequate deterrence toward the most vile and destructive of crimes....Even though I doubt rotting in a cage is much more humane.

  • It is so wrong

    How can you say killing is wrong and then turn around and kill them. It is like pre school kids having a fight "he pushed me so I pushed him". Two wrongs do not make a right.

    Secondly it costs more to the people to have someone go through the death penalty process than it does to keep them in jail for the rest of their life.

    Thirdly there is no way to always be sure you have executed the right person. Even if they confess it may be a false confession. There is much evidence of people who have been wrongly executed.

  • People make mistakes

    Capital punishment shouldn't be allowed because people make mistakes and if someone was framed for murder and put to death we kill an innocent man and let the real killer roam free. However I realize that some people are dangerous and don't deserve to see the light of day but if we keep putting people down when will we draw the line and start saving those who just need to be saved...

  • Mistakes can happen

    If you think it is worthwhile to let innocent people get murdered (that's what it is) because they got sentenced to death fro something they didn't do then there is nothing wrong with the death penalty. Unfortunately mistakes happen. Also, I would rather a person sat in jail their whole life and suffered for their crimes, after death their is nothing its the easy way out.

  • It is wrong

    Capital punishment/Death penalty is wrong because killing someone is not the option. They killed someone and you're killing him only. It is better for the jailor's family because going through a death penalty is hard. But, Dieing a natural death. So, Death penalty/capital punishment is completely wrong to do to someone.

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